• Pocket points

    - Sep 18, 2015
    By Lily Abromeit Pocket Points, an app that awards students for staying off devices during class, is partnering with local business. The app gives students points for having their phones locked while in class and on
  • UI studying obesity

    - Sep 18, 2015
    By Lily Abromeit While obesity rates are increasing, the University of Iowa is conducting a study to combat these high numbers. The Obesity Research and Education Initiative at the UI are conducting a study to lower
  • Student overcomes speech impediment with…accent?

    - Sep 17, 2015
    By James Hirsch Tristan Roeder has lived in Iowa City for much of his life — yet this young American speaks with an English accent. The reason? “I have a stutter, which makes it so I
  • Miss Iowa takes a break

    - Sep 16, 2015
    By Lily Abromeit Over the last few weeks, Taylor Wiebers has been taking a break from classes to compete in this year’s Miss America pageant. The 21-year-old’s journey began after being crowned Miss Iowa in June.
  • VandeBerg off to a hot start

    - Sep 15, 2015
    Wide receiver Matt VandeBerg has been Iowa’s best receiver through two games this season. By Danny Payne Coming into the season, there were questions surrounding Iowa’s wide receivers. Many wondered who would catch passes from
  • Take a bike, UI says

    - Sep 15, 2015
    The Fall Bike Challenge encourages students and commuters to get out and ride their bikes. By Katelyn Weisbrod The best way to get college students’ attention is simple: use social and free stuff. That’s the
  • V-ball scratches 18-year itch

    - Sep 15, 2015
    Jess Janota and Lauren Brobst lead the Hawkeyes, aided by Loxley Keala and a pair of freshmen. By Kyle Mann If you haven’t heard by now, the Iowa volleyball program logged one of its biggest
  • You’re not alone — via the Companion app

    - Sep 14, 2015
    By Lily Abromeit A new app created by students at the University of Michigan could offer a safer option to students walking home alone. Companion App notifies friends and family if someone comes across a dangerous
  • Cleanup project targets Iowa River

    - Sep 14, 2015
    Volunteers worked to clean up the Iowa River on Sept. 12, finding bikes and lawnmowers in the process. By Tom Ackerman Bikes and bedsprings were among objects pulled from the Iowa River this past weekend.
  • The Purple Wagon

    - Sep 14, 2015
    By Lily Abromeit Two University of Iowa students launched their own business last year and took it to a major Farmer’s Market this summer where they saw even more success. These girls are students, waitress’s part

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