• Fighting the good fight

    - Feb 6, 2017
    By Elianna Novitch “Dance Marathon has never been, and will never be about, what that number says but instead what that number means and what that number does,” Dance Marathon Executive Director Morgan Kennedy said....
  • UI Hawkeye Sparkles shines at Dance Marathon

    - Feb 4, 2017
    By Daily Iowan staff The University of Iowa Hawkeyes Sparkles is a student organization that encompasses of individuals of all abilities who are eager to be a part of the spirit squad for Dance Marathon. The...
  • Dance Marathon first aid has seen a few emergencies

    - Feb 4, 2017
    The first aid office at Dance Marathon is working hard to keep dancers safe. By Kit Fitzgerald If there was an unsung hero of Dance Marathon, it would be the first aid officers. The team...
  • Trimming For the Kids

    - Feb 4, 2017
    By Naomi Hofferber Dance Marathon executives, family members, and dancers cut their hair and shaved their heads as the clock struck the halfway point of Dance Marathon 23. Dancer Jared Blatz saw the shaving event...
  • Halfway there

    - Feb 4, 2017
    The halfway mark of the Big Event was brought in by Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer as dancers reenergized themselves to take on the last 12 hours of the Big Event.  By Elianna Novitch  After a...
  • Hour 1 of Dance Marathon commences

    - Feb 3, 2017
    The first hour of Dance Marathon 23’s Big Event has begun and dancers are eager to see what the next 24 hours have in store. By Elianna Novitch For the next 24 hours, the IMU...
  • After the march, action

    - Jan 23, 2017
    By Lily Abromeit Just two days after millions of people gathered in cities across the country and the world, following the lead of the Women’s March on Washington, one thing is already clear — people...
  • Maintaining football focus while feeding giraffes

    - Dec 28, 2016
    By Jordan Hansen TAMPA, Fla. — Bowl games have always been about having a good time. It’s why there’s a “Bowl Week” and a number of team events around the city hosting the game. For...
  • Behind-the-scenes: Election Night

    - Nov 15, 2016
    One week after Election Night, check out some behind-the-scenes photos and a video from the newsroom on Nov. 8. Please support award-winning college journalism and engagement. Click here to donate....Read More
  • Forever a new frontier

    - Nov 15, 2016
    In light of his spring retirement we take a look at the illuminating life and career of former UI President and law professor, Willard “Sandy” Boyd By Tessa Solomon Cars idle on Iowa City’s stretch...