• 2018 FIFA World Cup — best ever?

    - Jul 16, 2018
    As the world’s biggest sporting event draws to a close, here are some of the biggest moments from the past month. By Jordan Zuniga It didn’t take long after the final whistle of the July
  • Predictions for the World Cup semifinals

    - Jul 10, 2018
    After 60 World Cup matches, only four countries remain in the hunt for soccer’s most prized trophy. By Jordan Zuniga If the final four games of this year’s World Cup are anything like the last
  • 2018 World Cup continues to excite people

    - Jul 3, 2018
    Breaking down the top storylines from this past week at the World Cup in Russia. By Jordan Zuniga Most things that garner massive amounts of hype often fall short of expectations, but that is not
  • Who to watch: World Cup 2018

    - Jun 15, 2018
    The Daily Iowan presents the four biggest story lines to follow in this year’s World Cup. By Jordan Zuniga Every four years, 32 countries select their 23 best soccer players and head for the world’s
  • Nobody can sideline Armand or these Hawkeyes

    - Nov 2, 2017
    A look at the successful Iowa soccer campaign and how Rachele Armand made her presence felt, even after she could no longer take the field. By Jordan Zuniga After two seasons in which the Hawkeyes
  • Soccer season closes in double overtime

    - Oct 30, 2017
    It took everything top-seeded Ohio State had to beat eighth-seeded Iowa 2-1 in double-overtime soccer. By Jordan Zuniga When Ohio State drew the top seed in the Big Ten Tournament and saw it would play
  • Soccer preps for Big Ten Tournament

    - Oct 27, 2017
    The Hawkeyes make it through a tough season with smiles on their faces and a tournament to play in. By Jordan Zuniga Every Big Ten soccer team’s goal at the beginning of the season is
  • Iowa soccer heads to Big Ten tourney

    - Oct 26, 2017
    The Hawkeyes beat Illinois, 1-0 and Nebraska and Michigan hang L’s to complete the Hawkeyes’ improbable run to make the tourney. By Jordan Zuniga After a two-year hiatus, the Iowa soccer team will return to
  • Crucial night opens for Iowa soccer ahead of Big Ten tournament

    - Oct 25, 2017
    Iowa soccer has spent the entire season fighting for a chance to play in the Big Ten Tournament, and tonight, that goal will be achieved or missed. By Jordan Zuniga It’s been a season almost as bumpy
  • Soccer misses big against Wisconsin

    - Oct 22, 2017
    Iowa let a lot of air out of its season’s balloon in an ugly 3-0 loss to Wisconsin on Oct. 21, but the season isn’t over yet. By Jordan Zuniga Iowa soccer’s quest to qualify

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