• Super PAC era raises many questions

    - Oct 28, 2015
    Less than 100 days from the Iowa caucuses, the path for the future of SuperPACs continues to be plotted in Iowa. By Brent Griffiths brent-griffiths@uiowa.edu When your state hosts the first-in-the-nation caucuses, some aspects are almost...
  • Podesta pushes for Clinton

    - Oct 28, 2015
    By Quentin Misiag quentin-misiag@uiowa.edu In 1998, when the term Monica Lewinsky grew from a 22-year-old White House staffer who was allegedly sexually involved with a sitting American president to an international sex scandal, then-White House Chief...
  • Breaking down the chasm

    - Oct 28, 2015
     They are two political titans who wield vast influence in Iowa’s political sphere, each with incredibly different social viewpoints. Among LGBTQ circles, One Iowa executive director Donna Red Wing is seen as a champion of equal...
  • Takeaways from the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

    - Oct 26, 2015
    DES MOINES — From the yells of “we want, we want Bernie” to chants of “O’Malley to screams of “I’m with her,” the three major Democratic candidates spoke to Iowa Democrats on the evening of Oct....
  • Clinton, Sanders headline a special dinner

    - Oct 23, 2015
    Jefferson-Jackson Dinner provides unique opportunities for all candidates. By Aaron Walker aaron-walker-1@uiowa.edu A hum of anticipation has overtaken the state of Iowa in preparation for Saturday’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner hosted by the Iowa Democratic Party. Frontrunner and...
  • Eating corn, checking out fairs

    - Oct 23, 2015
    By Quentin Misiag quentin-misiag@uiowa.edu For more than seven months, the national campaign apparatus to catapult Jeb Bush into the White House has dispatched the Republican candidate’s 31-year-old son as a sort of lifeline to capture millennial...
  • Biden decision catches Iowans by surprise

    - Oct 22, 2015
    Loyal backers of Vice President Joe Biden found themselves both left in a state of mourning and flux Wednesday after the Delaware lawmaker’s decision to not seek the 2016 Democratic nomination. Many say they are unsure...
  • Four must-hit GOP events before the 2016 Iowa Caucus

    - Oct 21, 2015
    From a new fall festival complete with trick-or-treating to a Christian-conservative conference, there are the four must-attend events if Republicans want to win over Iowa caucus-goers, insiders tell The Daily Iowan. By Quentin Misiag  |  quentin-misiag@uiowa.edu When the Republican Party of...
  • Sanders draws local supporters

    - Oct 19, 2015
    At an Iowa house party for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., the idea of a ‘political revolution’ was evident. By Rebecca Morin and Aleksandra Vujicic  |  daily-iowan@uiowa.edu Nestled in the the trees of residential Iowa City, chants...
  • Suspicion of Clinton runs locally

    - Oct 19, 2015
    Bernie Sanders supporters say Hillary Clinton is not a true progressive as attendees draw the contrast at local Democratic event. By Brent Griffiths  |  brent-griffiths@uiowa.edu Eight years ago, Democratic presidential candidates at the Johnson County Democratic...

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