• Soyer: All are responsible to inform ourselves and others

    - Jul 24, 2017
    Understanding others’ perspectives starts with a willingness to listen and share. By Hannah Soyer hannah-soyer@uiowa.edu There’s a lot of talk among minority groups about whose responsibility it ultimately is to educate the rest of the public about...
  • Guest opinion: Iowa Republicans employ Koch-funded group to attack retirement security

    - Jul 24, 2017
    The Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System is at risk from Republican shenanigans. Once again, Republicans in the Legislature are inviting an out-of-state attack on the economic security of Iowa families. Their target is IPERS, a well-managed,...
  • Townsend: White privilege does exist

    - Jul 20, 2017
    Stories from students of different races demonstrate that racial profiling lives. By Laura Townsend laura-townsend@uiowa.edu Early last week, I accompanied my friend to a tattoo parlor. She wanted me to hold her hand through the pain...
  • Letter to the editor: Democrats — Time for Plan B?

    - Jul 20, 2017
    I was surprised by this opening paragraph on the front page of Tuesday’s DI because even though it might not “be enough” for Democrats to get elected to office, it should be apparent that getting elected...
  • Webster: Net neutrality crucial to our democracy

    - Jul 20, 2017
    Net neutrality is being threatened by the current administration. By Hannah Webster hannah-webster@uiowa.edu Living in 2017, it is apparent that the Internet has taken the world by storm, and it has a monumental effect on anyone...
  • Smith: Racism — where do we draw the line?

    - Jul 19, 2017
    Shia LaBeouf’s racist commentary and an incident involving a play my sister is involved with has led me to think more about racism. By Wylliam Smith wylliam-smith@uiowa.edu Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is tell someone with...
  • Coltrain: Satanism and paganism are not the same thing

    - Jul 19, 2017
    Religious freedom is a a fundamental characteristic of America; this includes respecting other religions and not spreading false representations of them. By Travis Coltrain travis-coltrain@uiowa.edu Religious freedom is one of the founding ideals of this country. In...
  • Armstrong: The Beguiled erases blackness, actual history

    - Jul 19, 2017
    Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled, while a compelling portrayal of white Southern Civil War femininity, erases actual history and black stories by cutting out African-American characters. By Dot Armstrong dorothy-armstrong@uiowa.edu When I finally saw The Beguiled, my...
  • Prall: Did France teach Trump a lesson?

    - Jul 18, 2017
    France’s Macron is being strategic in his dealings with Trump. By Jacob Prall jacob-prall@uiowa.edu “I am worried about Trump, what he will do to the world?” Pierre said to me. Pierre is a French pediatrician whom...
  • Elliot: Deep into the matryoshka

    - Jul 18, 2017
    By Beau Elliot beauelliot@gmail.com So, what’s up with Donald Jr.? And how did he wind up in the middle of the Russian election-meddling scandal? Which, somehow, hardly anyone has labeled a “gate.” Yet. In 2013, the...

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