• Should selling sex be legal?

    - Aug 5, 2015
    Chris Clegg chris-clegg@uiowa.edu When three major credit-card companies cut their cards from being accepted on Backpage.com, an advertising website that operates much to the same capacity as Craigslist, they may have accidentally knocked down one of...
  • How inflation, rising wages moderate the economy

    - Aug 5, 2015
    Last week, the Associated Press reported that inflation is beginning to hit the United States. It has taken a while, but following the “Great Recession” of the late 2000s, historically low inflation is finally on the...
  • Letters to the Editor

    - Aug 4, 2015
    Letters Inaction on minimum wage inexcusable In the last legislative session, the Iowa House Republican leadership refused to debate a Senate bill that would have raised the minimum wage to a paltry $8.75 over two years’...
  • Obama’s EPA plan transcends political allegiances

    - Aug 4, 2015
    President Obama has set in motion an ambitious plan through the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate change Monday with his clean power plan. The plan aims to “cut carbon emissions from...
  • Swimming to the nebulae

    - Aug 4, 2015
    Beau Elliot beauelliot@gmail.com Yes, because there are things more important than football (such as Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton’s “discovery” of a secret nuclear deal with Iran), the recent reaction to Patriot quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension in...
  • Trump’s brilliant immigration fallacy

    - Aug 3, 2015
    In the swarming fury of Donald Trump headlines, simultaneously feeding his gluttonous quotes while regurgitating exactly what they thirst for, an underlying fallacy arises between his rhetoric and business practice. He has undoubtedly turned the circadian...
  • The new millennial family space

    - Aug 3, 2015
    Joe Lane joseph-lane@uiowa.edu Despite the horrifying cliché of beginning any written content with a definition, I feel it appropriate. Merriam-Webster defines “feminism” as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights.” Anybody who disagrees...
  • My attempt at a DI postcard

    - Aug 3, 2015
    Chris Higgins chrishigginsdi@gmail.com BEIJING — Not long ago, my mom texted me, asking what I wanted for dinner Tuesday evening. Well, “supper,” rather, given her Iowa roots. I requested hash browns, which I’ve been craving, and...
  • Editorial: Needing a different revolution

    - Jul 19, 2015
    Colony collapse disorder. Sounds reminiscent of some antagonizing societal problem threading its way through the plot of another early 50s, hard-boiled science-fiction movie, but while those hypothetical special effects would be hokey and unbelievable, this phenomenon...
  • Flattery: A case for NASA

    - Jul 19, 2015
    On Tuesday, NASA accomplished yet another milestone achievement by completing a successful flyby of the dwarf planet, Pluto. This great feat comes on the heels of budget cuts that will severely hamper NASA’s ability to engage...

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