• In defense of liberal-arts education: a message to the regents

    - Oct 12, 2015
    The state Board of Regents’ recent selection of a businessman with marginal academic experience to head the University of Iowa stems from its perception of a “crisis” in American education that needs to be rescued and...
  • Letters to the editor

    - Oct 12, 2015
    Pregnancy and infant-loss awareness “Do you have kids?” It seems like a simple question, but for many, it is difficult to answer. We’ve lost two babies, both in the second trimester of pregnancy — our beautiful...
  • Give the Trans-Pacific Partnership careful consideration 

    - Oct 9, 2015
    An agreement has been struck among the 12 countries including the United States involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a global trade deal and the first of its kind with the Asia-Pacific region. The controversial partnership has...
  • The disappointing cancellation of the UI Cultural Diversity Fair

    - Oct 9, 2015
    Joe Lane joseph-lane@uiowa.edu I am in no place to comment on the Cultural Diversity Fair. As a white college student, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, who spent most of his life growing up in an affluent...
  • International territorialism in Syria

    - Oct 9, 2015
    Paul Osgerby paul-osgerby@uiowa.edu Russia has recently ramped up its involvement in the regional power struggle of Syria, launching its first air strikes in the country in what Moscow is calling efforts to dismantle ISIS. The country...
  • The Hawkeye Footprint

    - Oct 9, 2015
     You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. That might sound cliché, but it felt true when I left the University of Iowa and Iowa City in 1998. Before then, I’d never pondered how important...
  • Important issues in Supreme Court session

    - Oct 8, 2015
    The Supreme Court is gearing up for another session. When last together, the court ruled in favor of gay marriage and the Affordable Care Act. Equally important decisions are on this session’s docket, but the rulings...
  • Jason Chaffetz, the latest foolhardy Republican firebrand

    - Oct 8, 2015
    Jacob Prall prall.jacob@gmail.com Mr. Chaffetz. Oh boy, Mr. Chaffetz. Republican representative out of Utah, Jason Chaffetz. What are you doing running for speaker of the House? Chaffetz, age 48, bright-eyed and fairly new to the house...
  • The power in sharing stories

    - Oct 8, 2015
    Sydney Newton sydney-newton@uiowa.edu Brandon Stanton, the creator of Humans of New York, is doing something incredible. The art/humanities website has more than 15 million likes on Facebook. Simply put, this page is just photographs of people...
  • America’s role in the Mid-East is being challenged by Russia

    - Oct 8, 2015
    Jace Brady jacebrady@gmail.com There was a time when no one would dare move against American interests in any part of the world, least of all the Middle East. This era seems to have come to an...

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