• Editorial: More scrutiny needed on drones

    - Mar 10, 2016
    The U.S. use of drone strikes to combat terrorism-related threats across the globe has received its fair share of condemnation from the general public amid speculation on the civilian death toll. While the public is notified...
  • Payne: The Barta Problem

    - Mar 9, 2016
    Iowa and President Bruce Harreld are all in on Athletics Director Gary Barta. By Danny Payne daniel-payne-1@uiowa.edu Another day, another lawsuit filed against Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta. For those keeping score at home, that is...
  • War on Drugs crashes home

    - Mar 9, 2016
      Drugs have become a hot-button topic in the past few years. Although they’ve always seemed to find a place in the political forefront, the discussion about drugs has made a notable shift. At the outset...
  • Whitewashing in Hollywood 

    - Mar 9, 2016
    Marcus Vincent Brown Marcus-brown@uiowa.edu Diversity in the film industry has become a popular conversation topic in the wake of the 88th Academy Awards but the recent resurgence of pop-culture significance should not detract from this being...
  • To Torrent or to not Torrent 

    - Mar 9, 2016
    Keith Reed Keith-reed@uiowa.edu I will neither confirm nor deny that I have participated in torrenting in the past or present. Though, as a child of the digital age, torrenting is something that has always been in...
  • Needed change in the Iowa Department of Human Services 

    - Mar 9, 2016
    Hannah Soyer hannah-soyer@uiowa.edu This past week, the Iowa Department of Human Services announced that it had accidentally distributed confidential information of 425 Iowans living in nursing homes. The information that was leaked included the people’s names,...
  • Editorial: Old media vs. new politics

    - Mar 8, 2016
    The 2016 presidential election is a stark example of lopsided media attention, perhaps one of the most in recent history. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the legion of old-media institutions posturing her above Vermont...
  • Letters to the editor

    - Mar 8, 2016
    Don’t let politics dirty Iowa’s air Growing up in Iowa, some of my fondest memories are of being outside enjoying clear skies and fresh air. I’m proud of where I’m from, especially now that Iowa is...
  • Guest opinion: Why Trump is triumphant

    - Mar 8, 2016
    Donald Trump is triumphant because he a superb actor and understands American cultural history. The secret of Trump’s success as a politician: His racist expressions are disingenuous, reflecting his tapping into the anger of the white...
  • Elliot: Quackery & dead ducks

    - Mar 8, 2016
    Beau Elliot beauelliot@gmail.com Remember when Sen. Marc Rubio was the bright, shining knight of the Republican establishment? Me, neither, and it was only about 15 seconds ago. But now, apparently, he’s a dead duck quacking. (Sorry,...

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