• The new millennial family space

    - Aug 3, 2015
    Joe Lane joseph-lane@uiowa.edu Despite the horrifying cliché of beginning any written content with a definition, I feel it appropriate. Merriam-Webster defines “feminism” as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights.” Anybody who disagrees...
  • My attempt at a DI postcard

    - Aug 3, 2015
    Chris Higgins chrishigginsdi@gmail.com BEIJING — Not long ago, my mom texted me, asking what I wanted for dinner Tuesday evening. Well, “supper,” rather, given her Iowa roots. I requested hash browns, which I’ve been craving, and...
  • Editorial: Needing a different revolution

    - Jul 19, 2015
    Colony collapse disorder. Sounds reminiscent of some antagonizing societal problem threading its way through the plot of another early 50s, hard-boiled science-fiction movie, but while those hypothetical special effects would be hokey and unbelievable, this phenomenon...
  • Flattery: A case for NASA

    - Jul 19, 2015
    On Tuesday, NASA accomplished yet another milestone achievement by completing a successful flyby of the dwarf planet, Pluto. This great feat comes on the heels of budget cuts that will severely hamper NASA’s ability to engage...

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