• Studer: Stand up against racial hate

    - Feb 5, 2016
    Samuel Studer samuel-studer@uiowa.edu A rally was held Monday in New York for a group of three black female students who were attacked by 10 to 12 white men and women. The students, who attend the State...
  • Prall: The World is Watching

    - Feb 5, 2016
    Jacob Prall jacob-prall@uiowa.edu Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are being watched. We forget that our problems at home have a global context. At the very least, I do. Maybe I forget because of the...
  • Lane: Don’t tell charities how to spend their money

    - Feb 5, 2016
    Joe Lane joseph-lane@uiowa.edu Nonprofit organizations in the United States hold a powerful and important place in our society. When problems face our communities that governments are unwilling, or unable, to solve, caring individuals and organizations step...
  • Were Hawkeyes right to back Trump?

    - Feb 4, 2016
    Before the caucuses, a group of Iowa athletes gave their tacit (and explicit) endorsement to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Should they have done it?    No On Jan. 26, Donald Trump held a rally in...
  • Newton: Should the UI focus more on in-state students?

    - Feb 4, 2016
    Sydney Newton sydney-newton@uiowa.edu It’s not often we think about the demographics of students at our university. We have been prone to think that most of the students are usually from our own state and a small...
  • Dugan: Drones should be an issue for Democrats

    - Feb 4, 2016
    Jack Dugan john-dugan@uiowa.edu Arguably, one of the few blemishes on presidential hopeful and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s run for the presidency is his lack-there-of foreign-policy experience. Perhaps, it can be argued, this can be cushioned with...
  • Into the caucuses, firsthand

    - Feb 3, 2016
    On Monday night, several Daily Iowan Opinions columnists went to local caucuses and had very different takeaways from their experience. Was it worth it? I almost didn’t go to caucus. Amid the line trailing nearly from the entrance...
  • THEM today, US tomorrow

    - Feb 3, 2016
    Christopher Cervantes People have a funny way about looking at the past. Whenever a subject associated with a positive event is brought up, there is always an air of reverence about it all. Conversely, whenever there...
  • Letters to the editor

    - Feb 3, 2016
    The Lens too large for Ped Mall Iowa City currently provides grants to subsidize the restoration of historic building façades. Two retailers have won Historic Preservation Awards for restoration of Clinton and Washington Street buildings. Iowa...
  • Editorial: Area needs to fight child poverty

    - Feb 2, 2016
    Poverty doesn’t just affect today’s workers but tomorrow’s as well. Johnson County has a rapidly increasing rate of childhood poverty. A report by the Child and Family Policy Center found a 25.5 percent increase in the...

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