• The statute of limitations for war crimes

    - Sep 25, 2015
    Christopher Cervantes crvantes@uiowa.edu There are several tired phrases that have to do with pain and forgiveness. One goes, “time heals all wounds.” While that may have some semblance of truth, that does not mean that forgiveness...
  • Prescriptions are a public necessity, not just a profit motive

    - Sep 24, 2015
    Earlier this week, Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Daraprim — a critically important drug in the battle against infectious diseases — from $13.50 per pill to an unimaginable $750 per pill, according to the New...
  • Next GOP ‘outsider’: Carly Fiorina

    - Sep 24, 2015
    Jacob Prall prall.jacob@gmail.com Many GOP voters are so tired of politics that they’ve turned their support to “the outsiders.” Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina: These are outsiders. They’re people of the private sector, of business...
  • The right to feel safe on campus

    - Sep 24, 2015
    Sydney Newton sydney-newton@uiowa.edu This week, the fourth sexual assault of the semester was reported on the UI campus. According to the alert, police received information from UI officials that a resident reported a sexual assault that...
  • Letters to the editor

    - Sep 24, 2015
    Birthright citizenship and objectivity Aaron Walker’s article in the DI on Sept. 22 was interesting in many ways, but primarily, he deserves praise for addressing a controversial issue in an objective way. That in itself is...
  • Take diversity into account

    - Sep 23, 2015
    Universities serve as bastions of learning and culture in a society. While predictability and stagnation slow these causes, diversity can further both objectives. The University of Iowa is doing a pretty good job at creating diversity...
  • Carson shows his ignorance

    - Sep 23, 2015
    Marcus Brown marcusvbrown@gmail.com Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has come under fire for a statement made during Sunday’s airing of NBC’s “Meet the Press” in which Carson stated that a Muslim would be unfit to be...
  • Do Sanders supporters really understand socialism?

    - Sep 23, 2015
    Joe Lane joseph-lane@uiowa.edu Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is surging. Although the self-proclaimed democratic socialist has not passed likely Democratic nominee Clinton in most polls, his numbers are starting to pique the interest of many, especially in...
  • Campaign of deception against Planned Parenthood

    - Sep 23, 2015
    I was dismayed by a letter from Sen. Rand Paul that I just received which contained misleading accusations that Planned Parenthood was “selling fetal body parts from aborted children.” His claims are misleading and falsely imply...
  • Striving for the greater good

    - Sep 22, 2015
    Pope Francis will visit the United States today through Sept. 27, making appearances in Washington, D.C, New York City, and Philadelphia. This visit comes on the heels of the pope’s visit to Cuba, where, among the...

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