• Elliot: Eternity springs hopeful (ha-ha)

    - Apr 26, 2016
    Beau Elliot beauelliot@gmail.com Best sign seen at this year’s Boston Marathon: “Run Like Ted Cruz is Behind You.” I can’t imagine better advice during these times, if that’s what they are. It’s possible, because anything seemingly...
  • Cervantes: Time to get over Tubman & the $20

    - Apr 26, 2016
    By Christopher Cervantes crvantes@uiowa.edu On April 20, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew announced that there would be redesigns of the $20, $10, and $5 bills. The most prominent of these changes is the replacing of...
  • Suppressing the will of voters won’t stand 

    - Apr 25, 2016
    The whirlwind affair that is the 2016 presidential campaign has captivated the news media and much of the country. Over the course of the race, a number of themes have emerged as the dominant narratives defining...
  • Let’s say Trump wins the nomination

    - Apr 25, 2016
    Jace Brady Jace-brady@uiowa.edu Tuesday will play an important role in this year’s prolonged primary season. Both parties’ front-runners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will have the opportunity to distance themselves from lingering competitors and essentially tie up...
  • Thank Phil Now, Be Phil Later

    - Apr 25, 2016
    Since I became the University of Iowa president, I have been amazed by the generosity of our community. Students, faculty, staff, friends, and alumni are eager to share their time, talent, or treasure — and often...
  • Philanthropy Addresses the STEM Crisis 

    - Apr 25, 2016
    As a student in a science, technology, engineering, mathematics discipline, I sometimes find it difficult to avoid becoming jaded in the classroom. Although STEM education is key to the U.S. economic future, our nation is experiencing...
  • Editorial: Remembering academic mission vis-à-vis international students

    - Apr 22, 2016
    Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of globalization is the ability for students from all around the world to experience cultures and environments different from the one they are accustomed to. At the University of Iowa,...
  • Dugan: Economy or environment?

    - Apr 22, 2016
    Jack Dugan John-dugan@uiowa.edu The Mississippi, Des Moines, Maquoketa, Cedar/Iowa, and Raccoon rivers, the veins of Iowa, splay out like ribbons to flutter through a landscape that would be significantly less astounding without them. They are a...
  • Guest opinion: The time is right for a third party

    - Apr 22, 2016
    With the never-ending political candidates’ name-calling and the dysfunctional gridlock in Washington, D.C., the first U.S. president got it right. In George Washington’s farewell address, noted as the most visionary document ever written by a president,...
  • Reed: MelaninRich and other social movements

    - Apr 22, 2016
    Keith Reed Keith-reed@uiowa.edu The power of social media is undeniable. Using that power to promote positivity and acceptance is ideal in a world increasingly involved with technology. Many may have heard of #DamnDaniel, #BlackLivesMatter, and #MarriageEquality....

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