Letters to the Editor

  • Letter to the editor

    - Mar 21, 2017
    To the editor: I am deeply disturbed by recent comments made by Iowa Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, about how the U.S. should not expect to populate the country with the children of “others.” I fail to...
  • Letter to editor: Open letter to Bruce Harreld

    - Mar 6, 2017
    Dear President Harreld, As adjunct instructors at the University of Iowa, we stand in solidarity with COGS as it attempts to negotiate a fair contract for graduate-student workers. Providing fair compensation and working conditions for graduate-student...
  • Letter to Editor: Serving the few, ignoring the many

    - Feb 21, 2017
    The collective bargaining legislation that Republicans are intent on enacting disregards the masses of Iowans in toady service to the few. These Republicans like to pose as big friends of business but show their anti-business colors...
  • Letter to Editor: With women in the lead

    - Feb 13, 2017
    After the Women’s March on Washington, it is obvious that women will be the saviors of American democracy. I, an African-American woman, have heard arguments made by Black Lives Matter women that white feminists disregard black...
  • Letter to Editor: Faculty support grad students

    - Feb 13, 2017
    We, the undersigned faculty members of the University of Iowa, offer our full support for the graduate-student employees of the University of Iowa and their representatives in COGS. Graduate students are an essential part of the...
  • Letter to editor: Unhappy with march coverage

    - Jan 26, 2017
    To the Editor of the DI (Lily Abromeit, respectively) Not only did I attend the Women’s March on Washington, also I listened to hours of videotape and coverage the following day to fully comprehend the speeches...
  • Letter to editor: FOOD FOR THE HOLIDAYS

    - Dec 2, 2016
    The University of Iowa Community Credit Union and the Crisis Center of Johnson County are teaming up to raise funds for the Crisis Center’s Food Bank. As the holidays, cold weather, and end of the year...
  • Letter to editor: Time to work together

    - Nov 16, 2016
    In Donald J. Trump’s Election Night acceptance speech he said, “It is time to bind the wounds of division.” Let’s start with Congress. Democrats remember the edict from Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on the evening of...
  • Letter to editor: Making America great

    - Nov 11, 2016
    There are many things to say after this election. Here are two: First: I would like to applaud the efforts of everyone who worked in either campaign, but especially those who fought for Hillary Clinton. These...
  • Letter to Editor: Not My President

    - Nov 10, 2016
    As a law student, I complain a lot. About the workload, the job prospects, the law itself. The results of the presidential election have me counting my privileges like lucky stars. Never before have I felt...

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