Letters to the Editor

  • Letter to editor: FOOD FOR THE HOLIDAYS

    - Dec 2, 2016
    The University of Iowa Community Credit Union and the Crisis Center of Johnson County are teaming up to raise funds for the Crisis Center’s Food Bank. As the holidays, cold weather, and end of the year...
  • Letter to editor: Time to work together

    - Nov 16, 2016
    In Donald J. Trump’s Election Night acceptance speech he said, “It is time to bind the wounds of division.” Let’s start with Congress. Democrats remember the edict from Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on the evening of...
  • Letter to editor: Making America great

    - Nov 11, 2016
    There are many things to say after this election. Here are two: First: I would like to applaud the efforts of everyone who worked in either campaign, but especially those who fought for Hillary Clinton. These...
  • Letter to Editor: Not My President

    - Nov 10, 2016
    As a law student, I complain a lot. About the workload, the job prospects, the law itself. The results of the presidential election have me counting my privileges like lucky stars. Never before have I felt...
  • Letter to Editor: To African-American Voters:

    - Nov 7, 2016
    Beware of a kinder-gentler Donald Trump as he weeps crocodile tear over extrajudicial shooting by police. Alex Altman in Time March 14 writes about Trump’s relationship with the Central Park Jogger case. In April 1989, New...
  • Letter to Editor: Vote Yes on Measure C

    - Nov 3, 2016
    Those who vote in Iowa City should note the proposed City Charter amendment on the back of the ballot: Public Measure C. Students should vote Yes on Measure C; University of Iowa students invest a considerable...
  • Letter to Editor

    - Oct 27, 2016
    From the late 1800s until the 1960s, the Republican Party was lifted up as the party of minorities, including African-Americans. John F. Kennedy and LBJ were key in redefining that, because of their work for human...
  • Letter to Editor

    - Oct 25, 2016
    What’s yours is ours When I first arrived in Iowa City to pursue graduate studies, I felt apart, disconnected, isolated, and separate. It was an intense summer. The University of Iowa campus was deserted. I did...
  • Duplicity in Iowa election

    - Oct 24, 2016
    With the elections heating up and accusations of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being bought out by certain donors, it is important to remember that this happens here in Iowa as well. As much as we...
  • Letter to editor

    - Oct 19, 2016
    Technically speaking, not ‘brown’ people The backbone of Trump’s campaign is support from the white working class, who believe him when he claims that “our jobs are fleeing the country” and proceeds to demonize Mexico and...

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