Guest opinion

  • A proposal for UI stakeholders

    - Oct 30, 2015
    In his “Open Letter,” University of Iowa incoming President Bruce Harreld promised us that “stakeholders” should feel free to ask him direct questions. So I suggest that students, faculty, and staff wait Harreld in a warm
  • Guest Opinion: An Open Letter to President Harreld

    - Oct 28, 2015
    You have recently published a message for why you want to be president of the University of Iowa, but I remain among the skeptics. I am still unconvinced that you understand the complexity of a modern
  • Guest Opinions: City Council

    - Oct 27, 2015
    What first interested me in City Council was the Chauncey and an article published in the Little Village February-March 2013. According to the article, to decide among the three alternatives,
  • The major’s Jekyll and Hyde intervention

    - Oct 22, 2015
    Mayor Matt Hayek’s recent Op-Ed (“Preserve Iowa City’s Progress”) is curious for a variety of reasons. He cites a series of “progressive” accomplishments in Iowa City, for which he and his current council majority can claim
  • Tarnishing the quality seal

    - Oct 21, 2015
    Failure to follow NCAA rules cost the Ohio State football program dearly in 2012, leading to a postseason ban despite a 12-0 season. Following the rules is important not only in athletics, however, but also in
  • Preserve Iowa City’s progress

    - Oct 14, 2015
     By almost any measure, Iowa City is exceptionally progressive. We were the first city statewide to measure the community’s environmental footprint, mandate affordable housing, and maintain civilian oversight of police operations. We have lobbied for TIF
  • In defense of liberal-arts education: a message to the regents

    - Oct 12, 2015
    The state Board of Regents’ recent selection of a businessman with marginal academic experience to head the University of Iowa stems from its perception of a “crisis” in American education that needs to be rescued and
  • The Hawkeye Footprint

    - Oct 9, 2015
     You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. That might sound cliché, but it felt true when I left the University of Iowa and Iowa City in 1998. Before then, I’d never pondered how important
  • Dance Marathon needs a lot of support to keep thriving

    - Oct 2, 2015
    Check out more about Phil here: Coming from a community that emphasized volunteerism, I long knew that I enjoyed helping others. I also knew that I enjoyed working in a health-care setting in which children were
  • Honoring Mom by giving back to the UI

    - Oct 1, 2015
    Check out more about Phil here: I became “Phil” shortly after I joined the staff at the University of Iowa Henry B. Tippie College of Business last fall. I had known about the We Are Phil

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