• Editorial: Trump needs divestiture, not props

    - Jan 18, 2017
    Last week, President-elect Donald Trump gave his first press conference since last summer. In the hourlong affair, Trump lashed out at CNN, denied rumors of risqué behavior in a Russian hotel, and brought his lawyer, Sheri...
  • Editorial: Students shoulder debt, yet again

    - Jan 17, 2017
    As the state of Iowa looks at a projected loss of $100 million in revenues for the current fiscal year, Gov. Terry Branstad has proposed cuts in funding of the same magnitude across numerous areas of...
  • Editorial: Seeing, believing, humanity?

    - Dec 15, 2016
    If seeing is believing, it follows that believing is seeing. As subjective creatures by nature, we humans are susceptible to confirmation bias, seeing only that which aligns with what we believe about the world. We do...
  • Editorial: Improving on greenhouse gases

    - Dec 14, 2016
    As a countrywide fear of the U.S. shying away from combating climate change grows in the shadows of a Trump presidency, others seem to be picking up the slack. Bill Gates, among other philanthropist-billionaires, has committed...
  • Editorial: Not so much up in the air

    - Dec 13, 2016
    O n Monday, Iowa State University President Steven Leath apologized for using ISU airplanes and resources for personal trips, which fall under “gray areas” in the university’s detailing of appropriate uses of the equipment. This comes...
  • Editorial: A good choice for ambassador

    - Dec 9, 2016
    D onald Trump’s efforts to fill out important positions in his administration has finally hit home. Jason Miller, a spokesman for the Trump transition team has confirmed that Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad has been offered the...
  • Editorial: Rush to judgment in CR case

    - Dec 8, 2016
    On Tuesday, a grand jury recommended against pursuing charges against Cedar Rapids police Officer Lucas Jones, who shot and paralyzed Jerime Mitchell during a traffic stop on Nov. 1.  Based on Jones’ testimony, Mitchell was combative,...
  • Editorial: Speed bump, not a victory

    - Dec 7, 2016
    Earlier this week, the Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would not grant Energy Transfer Partners the final easement needed to complete construction of the highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline beneath the Missouri River. The...
  • Editorial: Lessons after Ohio St. attack

    - Dec 2, 2016
    On Monday, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an 18-year-old student of Somali descent, carried out an attack on the Ohio State University campus. Following the event, 11 individuals were hospitalized with one in critical condition. None of...
  • Editorial: UI must take a stand against xenophobia

    - Dec 1, 2016
    Against the backdrop of a polarized election rife with xenophobic rhetoric, many Americans feel unsafe in their own homes. Undocumented immigrants are among those feeling vulnerable under President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to deport 2 million to...

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