• Editorial: Open dialogue needed about alcohol

    - May 4, 2017
    On Sunday, University of Iowa freshman Kamil Jackowski was pronounced dead at Lake Region Hospital in Osage Beach, Missouri. Jackowski was found unresponsive early Sunday morning at Sigma Chi’s formal at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri....
  • Editorial: Keep dialogue, fight hate

    - Apr 27, 2017
    Richard Spencer, a leader in the “alt-right movement,” attempts to normalize hate by giving absurd speeches about the alleged validity of white supremacy in America’s past, present, and future. This past week, Spencer spoke at Auburn...
  • Editorial: Farmers’ Market takes a step into sustainable future

    - Apr 21, 2017
    Last week, the Iowa City City Council announced that as a part of an ongoing sustainability effort, this year’s Farmers’ Market will no longer have vendors providing non-reusable plastic bags. The market, to support the effort,...
  • Editorial: Spicer’s slip-ups

    - Apr 13, 2017
    At the outset of the Trump regime, Press Secretary Sean Spicer seemed like more of an unwitting pawn in President Trump’s grand scheme to destroy the legacy of the Obama administration than an integral part of...
  • Editorial: Voting when it counts most

    - Mar 30, 2017
    Since the beginning of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has painted a picture of himself as the only person capable of bringing about the lofty changes he proposed. Now, after failing to pass a replacement bill...
  • Editorial: Merkel leads ‘free world,’ it becomes clear

    - Mar 23, 2017
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel (not President Trump) is the leader of the free world. “The free world” is a term that’s been used since World War II. According to The Atlantic, the term originally referred to...
  • Editorial: Don’t forget Pence’s emails

    - Mar 9, 2017
    Last week, several sources reported that Vice President Mike Pence used a private email account during his time as governor of the state of Indiana. According to the Washington Post, the private account was hacked last...
  • Editorial: March for Science unprecedented, important

    - Mar 2, 2017
    On Earth Day this year — April 22 — the March for Science will take place in Washington, D.C., while numerous satellite marches occur around the country and the world. One such satellite march is set...
  • Editorial: NAFTA helps both U.S., Iowa

    - Feb 22, 2017
    W hether by bashing the Trans Pacific Partnership or encouraging such notions as a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports, President Trump has made it clear that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is one...
  • Editorial: Assurance of graduate students’ benefits needed

    - Feb 21, 2017
    Late last week, HF 291 was passed in the state Legislature, stripping public-employee unions of their right to collectively bargain. This means unionized employees such as public teachers and individuals across public-university campuses are no longer...

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