• Continuing the fight for LGBT equality

    - Nov 20, 2015
    Christopher Cervantes There’s a word that is tossed around nowadays in the so-called age of political correctness. It is the ultimate ammo when it comes to any high-profile argument or debate. The word: ignorant. Today,...
  • Common arguments against accepting refugees and why they don’t work 

    - Nov 19, 2015
    Sydney Newton It seems the most discussed and debated question right now is whether we should let Syrian refugees into our country. After the tragedies in Paris, some people think it would be absolutely foolish...
  • Democrats and terrorism

    - Nov 19, 2015
    Samuel Studer On Nov. 13, three teams of terrorist planned and carried out attacks at six different locations throughout Paris. These venues included a concert hall and at least two restaurants. CNN reported that at...
  • Stop naming buildings after racists

    - Nov 18, 2015
    Marcus Brown History is inescapable. It lives in not only in words and thoughts but in the physical infrastructure that gives shape to our reality. We live in an all-encompassing mausoleum that houses the best...
  • How to address the migrant crisis in the wake of Paris attacks 

    - Nov 18, 2015
    Jacob Prall In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, anti-immigration champions have new and powerful ammunition in their arsenal. Even the countries most open to taking in refugees, such as Germany and Sweden, are becoming...
  • ISIS is now an election issue 

    - Nov 17, 2015
    Joe Lane The process of writing a column is fairly straightforward. We, as opinion writers, try our best to present unique perspectives on important events in Iowa, around the United States, and around the world....
  • Suicide epidemic among rural youth

    - Nov 17, 2015
    Keith Reed University of Iowa students represent many demographics. Where students come from determines their experience when it comes to life at a big university. Some students have trouble acclimating, and that is no fault...
  • Exhaling & bombing

    - Nov 17, 2015
    Beau Elliot   So welcome to the week before Thanksgiving, long known around campus as the week you can finally exhale. Go ahead; give it a shot. (Well, give it a try, not a shot....
  • Supporting France 

    - Nov 16, 2015
    Christopher Cervantes I remember where I was when 9/11 happened. My mom was driving me to morning kindergarten when the news broke on the radio. My mother, who had been smiling as the latest P!nk...
  • ‘Never again’ is now 

    - Nov 16, 2015
    Jace Brady This past weekend, we saw the devastation that ideological extremist can afflict on a nation and a people. The terrorism that occurred in Paris has extinguished the magic that can only be found...

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