• Brown: Respect Supreme Court rulings

    - Jun 28, 2016
    On Monday, the Supreme Court dealt a great victory for pro-abortion rights activists by cutting down parts of a Texas law that would have complicated the process for women seeking abortions. The law would have pertained...
  • Brown: Brexit and the winning team

    - Jun 26, 2016
    In a rather unlikely turn of events, Britain has opted to leave the European Union in what has been popularly called Brexit. The decision has had immediate effects, with the value of the British pound and...
  • Medithi: City business as usual

    - Jun 23, 2016
    On June 15, the Iowa City City Council voted unanimously to promote Geoff Fruin to city manager. Fruin was interim city manager from March of this year and had previously been assistant city manager from 2011....
  • Trumpster & the vacuum

    - Jun 22, 2016
    By Beau Elliot It’s an old story, twice told. (Among the Hawthorne bushes, anyway.) Maybe by this time, it’s a story twice times 2 million told. The emperor has no closure. Well, OK, Donald “Valdimir”...
  • Why Britain Should Stay

    - Jun 22, 2016
    By Jacob Prall The British view their continental compatriots with a historically based air of separation that goes beyond far the physical barriers of the English Channel and North Sea. From the beginning, the British...
  • Trump not the person to lead

    - Jun 22, 2016
    By Samuel Studer Donald Trump has been in the spotlight for years. He just seemed like a cocky man with his name stamped on large buildings in major cities; I never thought that this man...
  • Bruce Harreld: The plutocrat who cannot relate

    - Jun 20, 2016
    By Brad Pector This story was originally published on on May 4, 2016 Bruce Harreld is a symbol in Iowa City — a symbol of plutocracy and ignorance. He lives comfortably atop his new...
  • Brown: Bridging the divides of African-American progress

    - Jun 16, 2016
    Marcus Brown Duane Lee Holland Jr., an alumnus of the University of Iowa Dance Department and the newest addition to the Boston Conservatory/Berklee’s full-time Dance Division faculty, has exemplified a trend that would appear to...
  • Studer: Pride Month: a reflection on changing times

    - Jun 16, 2016
    Sam Studer Pride Month is upon us, and we must look at the changes that have happened in the past year. It is very evident that the United States took huge strides in equal rights...
  • Brown: What we mean when we say terrorism in the United States

    - Jun 15, 2016
    By Marcus Brown At the vigil Monday held to remember those who lost their lives in the shooting in Orlando, Florida, I heard something that resonated with me among a litany of valid and needed...

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