• No Child Left Behind’s replacement

    - Dec 14, 2015
    Christopher Cervantes When you come from a family of educators, you get to witness a lot of interesting things. For one thing, they talk a lot. Whether it is about that one problem student or...
  • The difference between policy and talking points 

    - Dec 14, 2015
    Jace Brady Presidential elections elicit exotic rhetoric from candidates in all parties. In an attempt to differentiate themselves from the competition, they insist on promising more, asserting extreme positions, and predicting outcomes so implausible they...
  • Cycle of self-defeating behavior

    - Dec 14, 2015
    Keith Reed I have always considered myself terrible at drawing. This was something that I knew to be true, and I accepted it. It was not until less than a year ago when I proved...
  • Easily offended, or eager for change? 

    - Dec 10, 2015
    Sydney Newton Our generation is indeed a special one. Some might call us naïve, smart, or stupid, and some would call us overly sensitive. No matter what our generation is described as, I think we...
  • Improving accessibility in campus resource buildings 

    - Dec 10, 2015
    Hannah Soyer On Jan. 14, a much-needed move will take place for one of the campus organizations — the Women’s Resource and Action Center will be officially open for business at its new location, the...
  • Gender equality in the military

    - Dec 10, 2015
    Joe Lane I am a feminist. In the most basic, Webster’s dictionary definition of feminism, I am a feminist. I believe, as I always have and always will, that men and women ought to be...
  • Nickel and dimed through mandatory fees 

    - Dec 10, 2015
    Samuel Studer Many students use tricks such as eating less in order to eliminate college debt. After all, less food means less money. But the University of Tennessee will now charge a $300 per semester...
  • Conflating Muslims with terrorism

    - Dec 9, 2015
    Marcus Brown After Donald Trump’s statement that he would ban Muslim immigration, politicians of both parties have been quick to condemn the Republican presidential candidate. But Trump is not alone in being unable to distinguish...
  • Going parallel

    - Dec 8, 2015
    Beau Elliot Scenes from a parallel universe in which the unbeatable Ronda Rousey turns into the Titanic going all judo on the iceberg. The iceberg goes all iceberg. Turns out that parallel-universe realism isn’t so...
  • Threat and promise of China’s World Bank 

    - Dec 8, 2015
    Jacob Prall President Xi Jinping of China has a vision.  It’s a new multinational, multibillion, and multipurpose bank.  This new world bank would finance infrastructure (e.g., roads, rails, power grids, you name it) across the...

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