• Brown: Giving birth to a nation’s accusation

    - Aug 22, 2016
    By Marcus Brown The film The Birth of a Nation, which chronicles the slave uprising led by Nat Turner in 1831, broke records after the rights were purchased by Fox Searchlight at the Sundance Festival...
  • Grissel: Is fidelity more important than pragmatism?

    - Aug 4, 2016
    By Hanna Grissel Whom do you vote for when both sides of the binary system are seemingly equally corrupt? Is a third-party vote any more reasonable? Is fidelity more important than pragmatism? Jason Brennan, a...
  • Medithi: First Amendment doesn’t protect slurs

    - Aug 4, 2016
    By Vivian Medithi Most people have an understandably love-hate relationship with the First Amendment. We love the right to say whatever we want, but it can be obnoxious at best when you feel forced to...
  • Brown: Trump crosses one line too many with attack on Khan

    - Aug 3, 2016
    By Marcus Brown It would appear as though the novelty of Donald Trump’s candidacy has finally shown signs of disintegration. Trump’s ongoing public feud with the family of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, a member...
  • Prall: Deal with Israel carries many risks

    - Aug 3, 2016
    By Jacob Prall Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has had a thorny relationship with the Obama administration. They don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things — from the beginning, the officials have...
  • Point/Counter point: Should there be campus-carry?

    - Aug 2, 2016
    In Texas, a law that went into effect on Monday will allow students 21 years old or older with permits to legally carry, to carry firearms on public campus and in classrooms. The introduction of the...
  • Elliot: When we think there’ll be later

    - Aug 2, 2016
    By Beau Elliot The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. Well, it was a pretty amusing movie some years ago, which might have been before Benjamin Franklin invented electricity. And yes, I know, Franklin...
  • Thompson: Stop the gun-violence blanket statements, Trump

    - Jul 31, 2016
    By Helaina Thompson Last month, the Democratic and Republican 2016 National Conventions addressed recent instances of gun violence — from Sandy Hook Elementary to Baton Rouge — offering strikingly different reactions. “How was he able...
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover

    - Jul 28, 2016
    By Marcus Brown On Tuesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made steps to continue the trend set December 2015 when it comes to restrictions placed upon prospective male blood donors who have had sex...
  • Evidence of something

    - Jul 28, 2016
    By Hanna Grissel The Trump campaign admitted that Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech was just that, plagiarized . What’s distasteful is the way the critiques were handled in the first place. Trump’s campaign and right-wing media...

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