• Van Kirk: Many platforms, little thinking

    - Sep 28, 2016
    By Emily Van Kirk Social media outlets allow people to express their ideas to an expanded audience. The online platform these websites and apps provide also generates an online presence that people remain personally detached...
  • Medithi: At a minimum, wage should rise for all workers

    - Sep 28, 2016
    By Vivian Medithi On Tuesday, the Polk County Board of Supervisors voted to hike the minimum wage in Iowa’s most populous county by a series of steps to $10.75 an hour in January 2019. The...
  • Lane: A museum most needed

    - Sep 27, 2016
    By Joe Lane On Sept. 24, the newest addition to the Smithsonian opened its doors beside the towering Washington Monument on the National Mall. The National Museum of African American History and Culture served up...
  • Medithi: The pricey face of capitalism

    - Sep 27, 2016
    By Vivan Medithi In 2015, 3.6 million Americans were prescribed EpiPen. As of writing, the price of EpiPen is $608.61, more than a six-fold increase in price from the 2007 price of $93.88. This 548...
  • Elliot: Schrödinger’s cat meows reality

    - Sep 27, 2016
    By Beau Elliot “NASA: We Didn’t Change Your Zodiac Sign, Astrology Isn’t Real” read the headline in Inverse. (Is “in Inverse” a double inverse? You know what that means: porridge for breakfast and some talk...
  • Medithi: ‘Kinnick House’ raises questions

    - Sep 25, 2016
    By Vivian Medithi The first thing you notice en route to 101 Lusk Ave. are the signs. Red and white, imploring STOP ‘KINNICK’ PARTY VENUE”; almost every house in a quarter-mile radius has a sign...
  • O’Donnell: IC loneliness, do you

    - Sep 25, 2016
    By A.J.K O’Donnell Late one evening last week I sat alone on a cracking, sidewalk curb. Peering up at the green lush of summer oaks fading into spirals of auburn majesty, autumn’s presence is slowly...
  • Grissel: More leaks that don’t leak out

    - Sep 23, 2016
    By  Hanna Grissel Can’t quite put my finger on it. You may not have heard that on Sept. 9, a leak was discovered in a small section of Colonial Pipeline underground pipeline that runs through...
  • Dugan: Dodge a bullet, take the green pill

    - Sep 23, 2016
    By Jack Dugan Reality is an uncertain, fickle thing. Trusting what we see to be actual, real, un-faltering existence is an act of blind faith. We all know this, we’ve all questioned this. It takes...
  • O’Donnell: Strutting or stumbling into adulthood?

    - Sep 23, 2016
    By A.J.K O’Donnell There was once a time when waking up in the morning may have included breakfast provided by the warm hands of a guardian’s care. Your coursework lasted until 5 at night, your...

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