• Point/Counterpoint: Not sitting well with America

    - Aug 31, 2016
    Picture your favorite article of clothing. What makes it special to you? It could be how it looks on your body or perhaps how it feels. Some cloth is special because it’s rare, while DJ Khaled...
  • Van Kirk: After the flood, trying to cope

    - Aug 31, 2016
    By Emily Van Kirk President Obama, following his visit to flood-affected areas in Louisiana, exhorted Americans “stay focused” on disaster relief across the state and “do what you can do to help get families and...
  • O’Donnell: Appropriating is the new football

    - Aug 31, 2016
    A.J.K O’Donnell In four days, the population of Iowa City will substantially grow as thousands pile into Kinnick Stadium to watch the inaugural kickoff of the 2016 Hawkeye season. Concurrently, students and fans alike will...
  • Dugan: Alt- right, wrong words

    - Aug 30, 2016
    Jack Dugan On Aug. 25 in Reno, Nevada, Hillary Clinton gave perhaps one of the most buzz-inducing speeches of her campaign thus far. It has been described as a “GOP Mafia Kiss,” “something GOP leaders...
  • Soyer: Alcohol consumption, sexual assault need to be addressed

    - Aug 29, 2016
    Hannah Soyer This past week, Stanford University announced its new policy put in place in an attempt to lower the rate of sexual assaults on campus. This policy bans large containers of hard liquor from...
  • Elliot: When sitting sparks a volcano

    - Aug 29, 2016
    Beau Elliot Colin Kaepernick has destroyed the republic of the United States. Quite a feat for a would-be NFL QB. Well, destroying the republic is the judgment about the mixed-ethnicity 49s’ quarterback by that well-known...
  • O’donnell: It’s pronounced ‘dis-re-spect-ful’

    - Aug 29, 2016
    A.J.K O’Donnell Throughout the ever-expanding, continually shifting global community, we find ourselves only present in a specific microcosm at every given moment. To truly understand the world, we must analyze the cultures and communities we...
  • Medithi: Limiting domain for the public good

    - Aug 29, 2016
    Vivian Medithi Vivian-Medithi Do you like the place you live right now? I hope so. Maybe you live in the same house you have since childhood, or recently you maybe moved. Found a nice neighborhood,...
  • Weigel: Is Iowa still important?

    - Aug 29, 2016
    Zach Weigel As the fall semester commences and we brace for the gravity of the approaching November elections, one question among many looms large. What is Iowa’s role in presidential politics? More specifically, will Iowa...
  • O’Donnell: Permission is so last century

    - Aug 26, 2016
    A.J.K. O’Donnell A phrase that has become commonplace in the vernacular of American communities is “Black Lives Matter,” with subsequent adaptations of — which should not be taken to denote the importance of its original...

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