• President Trump & the Sun

    - Feb 2, 2016
    Beau Elliot Then one day, the Sun rose in the west, and everybody’s shadow was somehow different. “Hey, dude, you’re standing on my shadow,” some random dude told me. “No, I’m not trumping your shadow,”...
  • America’s electoral system needs change

    - Feb 1, 2016
    Jace Brady Last week, Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, announced that he was seriously considering an independent run for president. With the weakness of Hillary Clinton and the unpopularity of Donald...
  • Abortion debate lacks nuance

    - Feb 1, 2016
    Sydney Newton Abortion. It’s a topic that no one takes lightheartedly, no matter what you believe. Abortion and how it relates to the Planned Parenthood situation are pressing issues in our country. The fight for...
  • Dugan: Reach for the ideal on health care

    - Jan 29, 2016
    Jack Dugan Health care is a dubious subject, not only polarizing the left and the right wings of American politics but driving a spike in factions of otherwise like-minded party members. The big question among...
  • Soyer: Landlords should provide recycling

    - Jan 28, 2016
    Hannah Soyer An ordinance that would require landlords of apartment complexes and condominiums to provide recycling services for their tenants is currently being drafted by the city of Iowa City, and it will hopefully be...
  • Studer: Addiction is a disease, not a crime

    - Jan 28, 2016
    Samuel Studer Leonard Campanello, the police chief of Gloucester, Massachusetts, has taken a stand again the War on Drugs. Last spring, he made headlines after writing on his Facebook profile that the War on Drugs...
  • Trump knows exactly what he’s doing

    - Jan 27, 2016
    Marcus Brown Donald Trump’s presidential campaign can at times seem surreal in the sheer audacity of his ideology and rhetoric, but at some level many of us held the comfort that Trump could not possibly...
  • Clean up your waters, Iowa 

    - Jan 27, 2016
    Jacob Prall Seems like clean water’s been on everyone’s mind lately. First, we had the drought in California, then the Flint, Michigan, lead water fiasco; the importance of clean and accessible drinking water has become...
  • Elliot: Sugar, health, and field hockey

    - Jan 26, 2016
    Beau Elliot Sometimes in this life — oh, wait, this is a life? Why didn’t somebody tell us? Just like them. They never tell us anything. Except where to buy the next electronic Big Thing....
  • Cervants: LGBT youth conference probe farcical

    - Jan 26, 2016
    Christopher Cervantes Rep. Bobby Kaufmann, R-Wilton, the head of the House Government Oversight Committee, has ordered an investigation into the state’s LGBT youth conference because of what he believes to be inappropriate content. The reasoning...

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