• Elliot: Rhinoceros attacks the chairs, à la Ionesco

    - May 9, 2017
    By Beau Elliot So it’s finals week, and for far too many university students, it seems like the Alps of absurdity, not to mention the Himalayas of caffeine-ity. Full disclosure: Caffeine-ity doesn’t actually exist in...
  • Schrichfield: France succeeds where U.S. fails; c ’est la vie

    - May 9, 2017
    Stephen Schrichfield The premise of the 2017 French presidential runoff election was all too familiar. Emmanuel Macron stood as the centrist, pro-European Union, and, in all accounts, globalist candidate. Upon first glance Macron’s opponent shares...
  • Custardo: No excuses for sexual assault

    - May 9, 2017
    Katrina Custardo In November 2015, University of Iowa students were alerted that there was a sexual predator roaming the West S0ide near the UI Hospitals and Clinics. In a Hawk Alert email after the fact,...
  • Townsend: It’s time we talk about suicide, mental-illness stigma

    - May 8, 2017
    By Laura Townsend I have lived with depression for nearly 10 years. In middle school, I confided to a teacher about my pain after bursting into tears in his classroom. He told me apathetically, “Puberty...
  • Armstrong: Where’s Aldo? Budget cuts kill the Leopold Center

    - May 8, 2017
    By Dot Armstrong Iowa farming practices exemplify a paradoxical and toxic relationship between humans and the environment. Aggressive commercial agriculture saps the vitality from Iowa’s ecosystems, and the repercussions manifest themselves in floods, algae blooms,...
  • Coltrain: Bye, Bill Nye

    - May 5, 2017
    By Travis Coltrain Bill Nye strikes-out in the first season of “Bill Nye Saves the World,” his new Netflix series. Nye says the series is based on the concept of “discussing controversial subjects in science.”...
  • Smith: Diversity isn’t killing comics

    - May 5, 2017
    By Wylliam Smith In response to a drop in sales, Marvel, one of the largest comic enterprises, recently announced it will return to its original “legacy heroes,” most of which are white males. Recently, Marvel...
  • Williams: Paranoia over threats unhelpful, at the very least

    - May 5, 2017
    By Dan Williams Last week, an advertisement for the “alt-right” was found in the Main Library stacks. The advertisement was a black business card with white and purple text. On the front it said, “America was...
  • Point/Counterpoint: Should UI go ‘wet’ or stay ‘dry’?

    - May 4, 2017
    UI can be both by Joe Lane In my three years giving nearly 200 tours of the University of Iowa, easily the most common questions are those about alcohol. Campus visitors are concerned about the...
  • Custardo: St. Olaf students protest racial violence

    - May 3, 2017
    by Katrina Custardo As a native Minnesotan who went to a very big high school (my graduating class was 760), I have heard about a smaller college called St. Olaf. I even have some friends...

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