• Sorensen: Horror movies don’t deserve bad reputation

    - Sep 7, 2017
    Many moviegoers stay far away from horror movies, but not all of them are about the “scares.” By Ronnie Sorensen With Stephen King’s newest movie adaptation, IT, headed for release in theaters Friday, questions are...
  • Laursen: We aren’t the good guys anymore

    - Sep 7, 2017
    When we think ‘North Korea’, we should not think war. By Lucee Laursen Every Friday, the 161st chapter of a group called Veterans for Peace has a peace vigil on the Pentacrest. Although the event...
  • History warns us about North Korean conflict

    - Sep 7, 2017
    Editor’s Note: This article has been removed after the DI discovered sourcing and attribution issues during a routine review process. Please support award-winning college journalism and engagement. Click here to donate....Read More
  • Smith: Wonder Woman is back

    - Sep 6, 2017
    In today’s political climate, the success of a female superhero film speaks volumes. By Wylliam Smith Wonder Woman has come back to theaters. As if the first run on the big screen wasn’t already utterly...
  • Shanahan: Inform yourself to inform others

    - Sep 6, 2017
    More young adults should be keeping better updated with the news in order to make well-informed opinions. Julia Shanahan Reading the news when I wake up in the morning is automatic for me, being that...
  • Elliot: Hard rains in the wind

    - Sep 5, 2017
    By Beau Elliot Picture this: Our Great Leader, standing on the edge of a disaster, praises those gathered for being a great crowd. Kind of like a rookie comedian at his first open mic. But...
  • Sorensen: Technology does not cause social isolation on campus

    - Sep 1, 2017
    By Ronnie Sorensen Technology has had a major effect in our world whether we like it or not. Larger phones, more powerful computer systems, growing video-game consoles, and captivating social-media apps are just some of...
  • Coltrain: The dangers of glorifying Xanax

    - Aug 31, 2017
    Glorifying Xanax’s presence in rap discounts the dangers of the drug itself. By Travis Coltrain Rap culture has been around for decades with constant evolution and change backing its tracks. The Internet opened the doors...
  • Kumar: Pardoning Arpaio is disrespectful to U.S. judicial system

    - Aug 31, 2017
    Just because a U.S. president can pardon someone doesn’t mean they should. By Michelle Kumar President Trump is obviously in the headlines a lot, and frankly, I’ve just learned to ignore most of it. This...
  • Shanahan: Students should be taking proper STI precautions

    - Aug 30, 2017
    With common STDs/STIs on the rise, students should be strongly encouraged to get tested along with their required vaccinations. Julia Shanahan Since Planned Parenthood of the Heartland closed one-third of its Iowa clinics last June,...

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