• Standardized testing not the answer 

    - Nov 6, 2015
    Marcus Brown A great deal of commotion has come about because of a recent drop in U.S. test scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The assessment serves as a sort of benchmark for
  • Police conflicting messages on alcohol law enforcement 

    - Nov 4, 2015
    Joe Lane For many of the police departments of the United States, 2015 has been chaotic. Between reports of unnecessary force and the rapid expansion of the Black Lives Matter group, known for expressions like,
  • Children, cell phones, and violent bus drivers 

    - Nov 4, 2015
    Jacob Prall Back in “my day,” kids didn’t have cell phones. They didn’t have access to the infinite wealth of knowledge, entertainment, and terror that is a cellular device connected to the Internet. They didn’t
  • Hitchhiking with alfalfa

    - Nov 3, 2015
    Beau Elliot As we all know, the Southwest and California are suffering through a major drought. However, there has been no drought in the number of jokes about having a dry sense of humor. Which
  • China’s ‘one child’ reversal may signal broader changes

    - Nov 2, 2015
    Jace Brady As it stands now, China has a population of 1.35 billion people, about four times the population of the United States. For decades, China has curbed its potentially unsustainable population growth with its
  • Mental illnesses in African-American communities

    - Oct 30, 2015
      By Keith Reed In African-American communities, there are many people who suffer from mental illnesses in silence. This is partly because of the cost along with the stigma tied to it, and the lack
  • Avoid cultural appropriation this Halloween

    - Oct 30, 2015
      By Sydney Newton It’s Halloween weekend. Accompanying the spooky decorations, abundance of Disney’s Frozen characters and raised sugar intake is the conversation of cultural appropriation surrounding costumes. Cultural appropriation is dressing up as a
  • Barbie shouldn’t be done adapting

    - Oct 29, 2015
    Hannah Soyer Barbie has never been a favorite among those of us who strive to move society forward in regards to empowering women and spreading positive body-image messages. The doll, created by Mattel in 1959,
  • Puerto Rico’s money troubles 

    - Oct 29, 2015
    Samuel Studer  Years of irresponsible management of money has left Puerto Rico in a serious debt crisis. Puerto Rico is similar to Greece in that it is highly indebted and locked in a union with
  • If not more gun laws, what’s the alternative? 

    - Oct 28, 2015
    Joe Lane “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of the free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” reads the Second Amendment of the

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