• Soyer: An open letter to Gov. Reynolds

    - Jun 19, 2017
    Hannah Soyer Dear Gov. Kim Reynolds, My name is Hannah Soyer. I am from Johnston, Iowa, and just recently graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in journalism and English. I have a progressive...
  • Coltrain: Pornography’s effects on consent

    - Jun 19, 2017
    Travis Coltrain   Pornography isn’t as taboo as it used to be. With smartphones and the Internet, pornography is easily accessible at almost anytime. This has created a new set of morals and ideals around...
  • Webster: Memes have more power than you think

    - Jun 15, 2017
    By Hannah WEbster When it comes to social media, we millennials tend to act carelessly and not think of the potential outcome from our actions. Whether it is cyber-bullying or even just liking an inappropriate...
  • Townsend: Wonder Woman and its message to boys and girls

    - Jun 15, 2017
    By LAURA TOWNSEND I spent this afternoon getting my nails done at the Coral Ridge Mall, a spontaneous splurge to kill time. Across the room, two middle-age men were getting pedicures. One man explained to...
  • Smith: RADInc is a needed space for local artists

    - Jun 14, 2017
    By Wylliam Smith In a society of ever-changing memes, five-second fame, remakes, and quick fads, it can be hard to get noticed for original content. Especially when you are in the art industry, where networking and...
  • Armstrong: An unexpected political sacrifice in Britain

    - Jun 14, 2017
    The British Green Party did what American third-parties couldn’t and threw their power behind a main candidate, making all the difference. By Dot Armstrong This column surprised me in numerous ways. I am neither writing...
  • Coltrain: Back home to gentrification

    - Jun 14, 2017
    In the business galaxy, displacement is all the rage. By Travis Coltrain Hailing from Miami, I loved the Coconut Grove area for a long time, especially when my father and I decided to move there in...
  • Schrichfield: Misconceptions about Trump voters

    - Jun 13, 2017
    By Stephen Schrichfield Unless you’ve been lost in the Himalayas since November, the phrase “white working-class voter” has probably been forced into your vocabulary whenever attempting to make sense of the 2016 presidential election. From...
  • Williams: Behavioral science and the government

    - Jun 13, 2017
    By Dan Williams When President Trump took office nearly five months ago, he disbanded the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team, which was created by President Barack Obama in September 2015. During its existence, the team’s...
  • Elliot: Gravitus floats away, thinly

    - Jun 13, 2017
    By Beau Elliot While you were gone, nothing much happened. Oh, some more Arctic ice melted. Oh, well, who cares about polar bears? Until they come here, seeking cooler weather. Um. And another slab of...

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