• Jaimes: University Lecture Committee displays liberal bias

    - Nov 17, 2017
    The University Lecture Committee fails in their mission to host thought-provoking lecturers, often only hosting left-leaning political speakers. By Marina Jaimes According to its website, the goal of the University Lecture Committee is “To stimulate...
  • Laursen: Iowa law must protect transgender people

    - Nov 17, 2017
    A gender-fluid teen was slain in Burlington in 2016. Iowa hate-crime laws did not protect the teen. By Lucee Laursen In Iowa, there is not a law protecting against hate crimes based on gender identity....
  • Prall: GOP tax plan stunts renewable energy

    - Nov 16, 2017
    The global community is shifting toward smarter energy, but the GOP tax plan will be a step in the wrong direction. By Jacob Prall Beneath the Arc de Triumph, electric cars zip down the Champs-Élysées....
  • Lee: Choosing an attitude of gratitude

    - Nov 16, 2017
    Giving thanks is important all times of year and can improve your way of life. By Ella Lee It seems as though since last fall, the world has hardly gotten a break from strife. Among...
  • Smith: The myth of gay being the new black

    - Nov 14, 2017
    While each have their own problems, the prejudice the LGBTQIA+ community face will never match the systemic racism people of color face every day. By Wylliam Smith   When I was in high school, my school...
  • Elliot: Martian Day in America arriving soon

    - Nov 14, 2017
    By Beau Elliot Of all the problems facing this society — and as soon as you say that, some wag points out that problems don’t really face society, they gaze off obliquely at the horizon,...
  • Helton: Fighting sexual violence should be everyone’s fight

    - Nov 13, 2017
    Recent allegations against Louis C.K., Roy Moore show that it’s up to all of us to stand up to sexual violence. By Elijah Helton There isn’t a whole lot of bipartisanship remaining in American politics....
  • Rosario: UI lack of attendance policy punishes sick students

    - Nov 12, 2017
    Students get sick and have bad days just like everyone else. They shouldn’t be punished for being human. By Isabella Rosario Last year, I lived in the dorms, constantly exposed to germs in very close...
  • Helton: Gunshots ring out, GOP is silent

    - Nov 10, 2017
    Congress doesn’t have to be anti-gun to do something about mass shootings. By Elijah Helton With almost any debate, it’s possible to see both sides. Whether it’s capitalism, free speech, or pizza toppings, there’s always...
  • Judd: Trump & torture

    - Nov 9, 2017
    President Trump uses terrorism to push immigration and national security reform, which is not in line with U.S. values.  By Constance Judd It is not uncommon for presidents to weigh in on divisive issues at...

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