• Ernst bill on Planned Parenthood fails

    - Aug 4, 2015
    A proposal pushed by Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, to defund Planned Parenthood failed to pass the U.S. Senate on Monday. The bill would have stripped more than $500 million in funding from the organization that provides reproductive...
  • Blight may damage corn yield

    - Aug 4, 2015
    With the wet summer, Iowa farmers are facing serious fungal infections that threaten this year’s yields. By Ben Marks This year, Iowa corn farmers are facing a threat that may cost them a chunk of...
  • Public holds forth on equity

    - Aug 4, 2015
    Kingsley Botchway, the Iowa City School District’s equity director, holds public feedback session for district’s Comprehensive Equity Plan. By Bill Cooney Around 20 community members packed into a Iowa City Public Library meeting room Monday...
  • Flowing into sculpture

    - Aug 4, 2015
    Iowa native tries to evoke the forms of the sea in her sculptures. By Allie Biscupski As picturesque as a coral reef, Elizabeth Shriver’s art, displayed in the Chait Galleries, 218 E. Washington St., aims...
  • Reading Center gets new head

    - Aug 4, 2015
    The UI, Education Department name new reading director. By Ben Marks The University of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Education announced on Monday that Deborah Reed will become the new director of the Iowa...
  • Grassley takes aim at sanctuaries

    - Aug 3, 2015
    ‘Sanctuary City’ bills may force county sheriffs to make tough decisions. By Brent Griffiths A number of county sheriffs in Iowa may find themselves with difficult decisions if Congress passes pending immigration legislation. More than...
  • Quadrangle, the dorm you won’t see on the campus tour

    - Aug 3, 2015
    Quadrangle, the dorm you won’t see on the campus tour Built in 1920, and widely recognized as one of the worst dorms on campus, the University of Iowa’s Quadrangle Hall was just recognized by the the...
  • IC man charged with 3rd OWI after accident

    - Aug 3, 2015
    Authorities have accused an Iowa City man of fleeing the scene of a car crash because he had been drinking. Herbert Mather, 53, was charged Aug. 1 with third-offense OWI. According to the Iowa City police,...
  • Man faces felony drug charge

    - Aug 3, 2015
    Authorities have accused a West Liberty man of allegedly possessing cocaine while at the Johnson County Jail. Israel Montelongo, 19, was charged Aug. 1 with possession of a controlled substance in a correctional institution. According to...
  • Man faces 3rd OWI charge

    - Aug 3, 2015
    Authorities have accused an Amana man of driving drunk in Tiffin. Andrei Scanlon, 23, was charged Aug. 1 with third offense OWI. According to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Scanlon was driving by deputies recklessly through...

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