• Tinder in the night

    - Aug 27, 2015
    From the web: Tinder, the popular dating app for millennials, released a list on Tuesday of the schools that “swipe right” the most on its student population. The app displays photos of users nearby and includes...
  • False candidates make their polling marks: What Deez Nuts and other faux candidates say about polling.

    - Aug 27, 2015
    By Brent Griffiths It may have taken an Iowa teenager, but businessman Donald Trump temporarily shared the political spotlight with another, albeit unlikely, challenger. Deez Nuts, 15-year-old Brady Olson of Wallingford, Iowa, sparked national headlines...
  • Laugh-tivists kick up confusion

    - Aug 27, 2015
    By Hatte Kelley Officials staged a Transparent Inclusive Efficiency Review press conference at the Iowa City Public Library on Wednesday afternoon. The representatives were actually prankster activists, and the entire presentation was a satirical critique...
  • O’Malley supporters hold house parties

    - Aug 27, 2015
    At the top apartment of 118 N. Johnson St., sprawled on the living room floor, 13 University of Iowa students gathered to listen to former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley — who happened to be more than...
  • - Aug 27, 2015
    By Katelyn Weisbrod The University of Iowa Recreational Services offers much more than just a gym. The Campus Recreation & Wellness Center will host the first RecFest from 2-6 p.m. today to show students and...
  • The Daily Break (08/26/15)

    - Aug 25, 2015
    HOROSCOPES ARIES (March 21-April 19): Initiate changes that will help you feel healthier. Love is encouraged, and socializing and sharing your plans will bring you closer to the type of life you want to live. It’s...
  • Megabus bids Iowa City goodbye

    - Aug 25, 2015
    Megabus moves out of central Iowa City and into the Iowa River Landing. By Austin Petroski From the crowded streets of Iowa City to the gleaming new Coralville transportation facility, Megabus is joining the thousands...
  • UI officials to e-cigarettes: Vape off

    - Aug 25, 2015
    The UI includes e-cigarettes in the smoking ban for the first time. By Katelyn Weisbrod Including e-cigarettes in the smoking ban went into effect on the University of Iowa campus this week, but some still...
  • Students enjoy IMU renovations

    - Aug 25, 2015
    By Beau Bowman The smell of cafeteria food accompanied by the sounds of students shopping at the Hawk Shop sets the scene in the new IMU ground floor. Although the 2008 flood wreaked havoc in...
  • Cambus looks west

    - Aug 25, 2015
    A new Cambus route helps West Side students get to and from campus. By Hannah Adamson With the addition of a new dormitory on the West Side of campus, Cambus has welcomed an addition of...

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