• Iowa remains politically important

    - Apr 6, 2016
    by Rebecca Morin  | It’s been more than two months since the Iowa caucuses, but the 2016 presidential election is far from over. And Iowa’s involvement in the race is still a necessary one. Republicans...
  • Fossils wave hello from Iowa past

    - Apr 6, 2016
    385 million-year old fossils uncovered at construction site near the Seamans Center. By Madeline Murphy Smith Imagine Iowa 385 million years ago. Imagine it submerged underwater and surrounded by a coral reef. That is what...
  • Agencies continue local aid

    - Apr 6, 2016
    Local nonprofits struggle to support homeless community. By Anna Onstad-Hargrave Many local organizations continue to provide for and support the homeless community, despite the shortcomings faced by the groups, officials say. Table to Table, the...
  • Taking care of pets, too

    - Apr 6, 2016
    The Domestic Violence Intervention Program will add more features to its shelter this summer. By Kaylyn Kluck Starting in July, it will be easier for the dogs and cats of domestic-abuse victims to stay at...
  • GPSG moves to aid counseling

    - Apr 6, 2016
    UI Counseling Service to get much needed funding after UISG, GPSG pass resolution. By Bill Cooney An increase in funding to hire additional mental-health counselors on campus has found support among two student groups. At...
  • Grassley may meet with Garland

    - Apr 6, 2016
    After weeks of refusing to hold hearings for a Supreme Court nominee, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley will finally meet with nominee Judge Merrick Garland. But Grassley isn’t budging on confirming the candidate. Grassley, Iowa’s...
  • A new benchmark

    - Apr 6, 2016
    Downtown Iowa City repaints the public benches every spring. This year, the theme has changed. “It’s meant encourage ideas about metamorphosis and evolution,” BenchMarks coordinator Thomas Agran said. “Also about how we can change the...
  • UI pool to reopen Friday

    - Apr 6, 2016
    Glass was found in the public swimming pool at the Campus Recreation & Wellness Center, which caused the facility to close for a week. The pool is being drained and refilled after all the glass is...
  • Mission Creek continues with Victoria

    - Apr 6, 2016
    By Claire Dietz Tuesday marked the start of Iowa City’s annual Mission Creek Festival, a celebration of artists from diverse media and areas. The festival will continue through April 10, with a performance today from...
  • Art on the edge

    - Apr 6, 2016
    Lisa Jane Persky, actress, photographer, and writer, will give a punk rock reading today at FilmScene. By Tessa Solomon In the dim lights of a New York CBCG music club, Debbie Harry of Blondie belts...

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