• Harreld nixes office renovation

    - Oct 15, 2015
    Renovations in the President’s Office have been put on hold. By Alyssa Guzman The President’s Office will stay the way it is — for now, anyway. A planned $500,000 project to renovate the President’s Office,...
  • UI faces tuition hike

    - Oct 15, 2015
    By DI Staff A proposed flip on tuition is taking shape in the minds of officials. The state Board of Regents is set to discuss raising tuition on resident undergraduates at the University of Iowa...
  • Poll draws student workers

    - Oct 15, 2015
    University of Iowa students are training to take part in a state poll. By Anis Shakirah Mohd Muslimin Students will soon join CNN and Quinnipiac to have a role in defining the presidential campaign. Faculty...
  • The Daily Break (10/15/15)

    - Oct 15, 2015
    HOROSCOPES ARIES‭ (‬March‭ ‬21-April‭ ‬19‭)‬:‭ ‬Draw on your resources, and you’ll come up with an interesting idea that you can incorporate into your everyday routine to make your life easier.‭ ‬A financial‭ ‬move will bring you...
  • Hopefuls address accessibility

    - Oct 15, 2015
    By Anis Shakirah Mohd Muslimin Iowa City City Council candidates headed to Oaknoll Retirement Community Wednesday night to hit on a broad set of topics affecting the community. Five out of the eight candidates attended...
  • Cruz blasts away

    - Oct 15, 2015
    Cruz draws applause in Oskaloosa with Christian rhetoric and anti-Washington promises. By Aaron Walker OSKALOOSA, Iowa — The Rivola Theater’s canopy and its bright, neon lights used to welcome Oskaloosa’s movie-goers, but on Wednesday, Sen....
  • By Alex Kramer

    - Oct 15, 2015 Tattoos and piercings are now just a street apart. Later this month, Black Angel Body Art will take up residence at 109 S. Linn St. — directly across the street from sister shop Release Body...
  • Crisis Center hopes to get TP’d

    - Oct 15, 2015
    By Tom Ackerman This month, the Johnson County Crisis Center is getting TP’d. Throughout October, the center is hosting a drive for toilet paper — similar to a community can drive — illustrating the need...
  • Iowa hospitals increase breastfeeding support

    - Oct 15, 2015
    By Anders Frieberg Hospitals in Iowa have taken 10 steps forward in their work to promote breastfeeding among new mothers. The Iowa Department of Public Health is using the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding initiative,...
  • New public-health degrees coming

    - Oct 15, 2015
    By Austin Petroski Two unique public-health degrees will come to campus soon. The new undergraduate program in public health was discussed at the University of Iowa Staff Council on Wednesday. The degrees will be available...

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