Local Government

  • Iowa City bans cardboard in landfill

    - Dec 8, 2017
    Starting Jan. 2, Iowa City residents may no longer throw away their cardboard. The Iowa City Landfill will no longer accept cardboard in the trash; it must be recycled at curbside or take to a recycling...
  • New regulations coming for fireworks in Iowa City

    - Dec 8, 2017
    Starting Dec. 10, people in Iowa City will be able to buy fireworks again, but only in industrial zones. By Tian Liu tian-liu@uiowa.edu With Christmas approaching, the second legal period for firework sales in Iowa City...
  • Johnson County plans for crisis-service center

    - Dec 7, 2017
    Johnson County wants to find ways to help people in mental-health or substance-abuse crises. By Kayli Reese kayli-reese@uiowa.edu Johnson County will open a new service center to improve the treatment of those experiencing a mental-health or...
  • Third UISG town hall discusses sexual assault

    - Dec 7, 2017
    Increased education and awareness dominated town-hall conversation on sexual assault. By Sarah Watson sarah-e-watson@uiowa.edu A diverse group of campus advocates attended University of Iowa Student Government’s third town hall to discuss sexual assault Wednesday in the...
  • City Council passes new housing amendments

    - Dec 6, 2017
    The City Council passed amendments that could affect the supply of rental housing in neighborhoods near the University of Iowa campus....Read More
  • Iowa City meets Park Master Plan goals

    - Dec 6, 2017
    An Iowa City family helped provide swimming lessons to children as a way to help meet a goal of the Park Master Plan. By Madison Purvis madison-purvis@uiowa.edu An Iowa City family was recognized for helping the...
  • Iowa mayors describe issues facing their cities

    - Dec 4, 2017
    The mayors of Iowa City, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, and Madison, Wisconsin, gathered on Dec. 1 for a panel discussion about what it’s like to govern their respective cities. By Paige Schlichte paige-schlichte@uiowa.edu Mayors from around Iowa...
  • Putting an end to sexual violence: What’s next?

    - Nov 29, 2017
    Sens. Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley reintroduced Senate legislation that would require sexual-assault-prevention training for all Senate employees. Ernst has also introduced legislation allowing military survivors of sexual assault to retrieve non-VA treatment if needed. By...
  • School Board accelerates some construction

    - Nov 29, 2017
    School Board members debated the pros and cons of full and partial acceleration for planned construction projects Tuesday evening. By Molly Hunter molly-hunter@uiowa.edu The Iowa City School Board approved acceleration for some of the district’s planned...
  • ACA application assistance comes to Johnson County

    - Nov 29, 2017
    Two local organizations have teamed up to provide Johnson County residents with Affordable Care Act navigation services. By Emily Wangen emily-Wangen@uiowa.edu With budget cuts eliminating Affordable Care Act navigation services in Johnson County, Johnson County Public...

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