Local Government

  • ACA application assistance comes to Johnson County

    - Nov 29, 2017
    Two local organizations have teamed up to provide Johnson County residents with Affordable Care Act navigation services. By Emily Wangen emily-Wangen@uiowa.edu With budget cuts eliminating Affordable Care Act navigation services in Johnson County, Johnson County Public...
  • Iowa City School Board chooses new leader

    - Nov 15, 2017
    Janet Godwin was elected president of the Iowa City School Board on Tuesday. The meeting also addressed the issue of seclusion rooms and meeting the need for substitute teachers. By Julia DiGiacomo julia-digiacomo@uiowa.edu The Iowa City...
  • Incumbents and Salih sweep City Council elections

    - Nov 8, 2017
    Two incumbents return, and one newcomer joins the City Council. By Sarah Watson and Emily Wangen daily-iowan@uiowa.edu Iowa City will have its first Muslim woman and immigrant on the City Council. Candidate Mazahir Salih was the...
  • Members of Iowa City government and nonprofits speak on poverty

    - Nov 8, 2017
    Panelists at the Iowa City Public Library addressed poverty. By Andy Mitchell andrew-mitchell@uiowa.edu According to the July 2016 U.S. Census, 28.2 percent of Iowa City’s 74,398 residents live in poverty. Iowa City nonprofits, a member from...
  • Botchway, Salih, and Mims win seats in City Council

    - Nov 7, 2017
    Spectators on Twitter reacted on Tuesday night as Salih and Botchway won two at-large seats on the council and Susan Mims scored District B with 59% over UI student Ryan Hall (41%). Out in Johnson County, progressives...
  • Housing code amendments up for debate at City Council

    - Nov 7, 2017
    The City Council debates a rental cap and housing-code changes with strong effect on student and downtown housing. By Naomi Hofferber naomi-hofferber@uiowa.edu The Iowa City City Council deferred a vote Tuesday night to amend the Housing...
  • Johnson County supervisors repurposing historic poor farm land

    - Nov 7, 2017
    The poor farm area in Johnson County will be repurposed for sustainable agriculture and possibly affordable housing. By Kayli Reese kayli-reese@uiowa.edu The Johnson County Board of Supervisors is deep in the planning process to repurpose the...
  • Iowa City councilors back commercial Ped Mall structures

    - Nov 7, 2017
    The Iowa City City Council voted to approve structures on the Pedestrian Mall for commercial purposes, such as the holiday market. By Brooklyn Draisey brooklyn-draisey@uiowa.edu The Iowa City City Council approved an ordinance Monday that would...
  • November declared National Native American Heritage Month in Iowa City

    - Nov 7, 2017
    Because of the “rich, thriving cultures” possessed by Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Alaska Natives, and the “generations of reprehensible discrimination during which they were subjected to violence, deprivation, and forced assimilation,” Iowa City Mayor Jim...
  • To 3D or not 3D roils supervisors

    - Nov 6, 2017
    A heated discussion occurred at a Johnson County Board of Supervisors meeting pertaining to retroactive coverage for 3D mammograms and $30. By Emily Wangen emily-wangen@uiowa.edu Johnson County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Janelle Rettig and Supervisor Rod...

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