Higher Education

  • Students want action on sexual misconduct

    - Mar 23, 2017
    Students organize to petition the UI to add sexual misconduct to the Code of Student Life. By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu In the months since the University of Iowa released its Speak Out Iowa sexual misconduct survey...
  • UI and other universities stand behind DACA students

    - Mar 21, 2017
    The University of Iowa and more than 500 other institutions are prepared to work with President Donald Trump to preserve the rights of all students to earn an education. Universities from around the nation sent Trump...
  • Leath to leave Iowa State for position at Auburn University

    - Mar 20, 2017
    For a third time in less than two years, one of the three public Board of Regents institutions will be searching for a new leader.   The Auburn University Board of Trustees announced today Iowa State...
  • Academics mull tight budgets

    - Mar 10, 2017
    Academics discussed the significance of investing in higher education despite the challenges facing the nation’s public universities. By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu The funding problems universities across the nation face may be solved by going “back to...
  • Summer courses may be tricky because of cuts

    - Mar 9, 2017
    By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu Students trying to get ahead on coursework by taking summer classes at the University of Iowa may struggle to enroll in courses they had initially planned to take. The UI announced last...
  • UI mulls tuition plans

    - Mar 8, 2017
    By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu While the University of Iowa touts its affordability in admissions materials, facing the fiscal challenges brought on by state budget cuts might have the UI singing a different tune. UI President Bruce...
  • Facing the troubles of higher education

    - Mar 1, 2017
    The DI’s higher education reporter reflects on a trip to the nation’s capital to discuss higher-education policy with other college journalists. By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu Coupled with bedtime stories, flash cards, and other child-appropriate educational tools,...
  • UI wrestles with housing

    - Feb 23, 2017
    By Emi Bendler and Marissa Payne daily-iowan@uiowa.edu AMES — As enrollment continues to climb, making each incoming class historically larger than the previous one, University of Iowa officials are working to figure out where housing occupancy...
  • Some scholarships hit by budget shortfall

    - Feb 23, 2017
    By Marissa Payne and Sarah Stortz daily-iowan@uiowa.edu Students are pondering the possibility of taking on more student-loan debt after University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld announced university plans to cut five annually awarded scholarships for the...
  • UI works on retention

    - Feb 23, 2017
    By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu AMES — A report by the Iowa State Department of Education detailing postsecondary enrollment has shown that minority students are harder to retain and less likely to enroll in postsecondary institutions around...

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