Higher Education

  • UI changes residency rules

    - Feb 8, 2017
    UI students applying for residency must work 30 hours each week while enrolled part-time over the course of 12 months to gain residency in the state of Iowa. By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu It may become more...
  • Fundraising campaign shatters goal set by UI, UI Foundation

    - Feb 7, 2017
    The UI raised $1.975 billion in the university’s largest fundraising campaign, ‘For Iowa. Forever More.’ By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu The University of Iowa and UI Foundation announced Monday the largest fundraising effort in the history of...
  • Senator takes aim at university tenure

    - Jan 25, 2017
    Iowans contemplate effects of legislative action to end tenure. By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu As university faculty members grapple with the reality of budget cuts passed by the Iowa Legislature, concerns regarding protection of academic freedom also...
  • Faculty diversity no easy task at the UI

    - Jan 23, 2017
    By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu Although the University of Iowa was the first public state university in the United States to admit men and women on an equal basis, it still must make strides toward similar progress...
  • UI works on inclusion, diversity

    - Jan 19, 2017
    The University of Iowa Chief Diversity Office updated the UI community on campus diversity and inclusion efforts, acknowledging fear of reversing progress on these efforts. By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu As the United States and the state...
  • Mental health takes center stage

    - Dec 16, 2016
    The UI and the U.S. make strides toward mental-health reform. By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu As lawmakers rally behind mental-health-reform legislation on Capitol Hill, University of Iowa students push for improved access to treatment of mental illnesses...
  • UI stresses diversity, inclusiveness

    - Dec 7, 2016
    By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu CEDAR FALLS – On a campus in which 16.6 percent of students are minorities, according to fall 2015 University of Iowa admissions data, the UI’s strategic plan for 2016-21 considers boosting inclusiveness...
  • Mark Nook named President of University of Northern Iowa

    - Dec 6, 2016
    By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu CEDAR FALLS — After a three-month search process, the state Board of Regents has selected Chancellor Mark Nook from Montana State University as the 11th President of the University of Northern Iowa,...
  • Tuition on the loose again

    - Dec 6, 2016
    A decline in state appropriations contributes to the state Board of Regents’ approval of another tuition increase. By Marissa Payne | marissa-payne@uiowa.edu CEDAR FALLS — With no discussion, the state Board of Regents unanimously approved tuition...
  • Carver gift to fund Neuroscience center

    - Dec 6, 2016
    By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu CEDAR FALLS — The creation of a cross-disciplinary neuroscience center in the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine will be made possible with a $45 million grant from the Roy J....

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