• After the march, action

    - Jan 23, 2017
    By Lily Abromeit Just two days after millions of people gathered in cities across the country and the world, following the lead of the Women’s March on Washington, one thing is already clear — people...
  • Reaction to inauguration swift

    - Jan 23, 2017
    Some in the Iowa City community responded to the inauguration with social commentary and protest. By Naomi Hofferber In a divisive post-inauguration environment, the Iowa City community held events of unity, protest, and solidarity throughout...
  • Dancing in their hearts for Dance Marathon

    - Jan 23, 2017
    To Brody Schumacher’s family, Dance Marathon is an opportunity for remembrance and to raise awareness about pediatric cancer. By Charles Peckman At the age of 2 1/2, Brody Schumacher was diagnosed with liver cancer. The...
  • Faculty diversity no easy task at the UI

    - Jan 23, 2017
    By Marissa Payne Although the University of Iowa was the first public state university in the United States to admit men and women on an equal basis, it still must make strides toward similar progress...
  • Up after contact

    - Jan 23, 2017
    By Hannah Crooks When Charles Monroe-Kane began writing his memoir, Lithium Jesus, he asked himself, “How do you tell the story of yourself?” He realized that he didn’t want it to be a story of...
  • Teacher shortage may loom

    - Jan 23, 2017
    A study shows that enrollment for teaching programs is declining, and some officials have an idea about why. By Sarah Stortz The Learning Policy Institute released a study in September 2016 reporting a 35 percent...
  • Blotters

    - Jan 23, 2017
    Maria Angulo, 19, 112 E. Bloomington St., was charged Sunday with presence in a bar after hours.   Michael Barnhart, 27, Coralville, was charged Jan. 21 driving with a revoked license, third and subsequent public intoxication,...
  • Dorm sexual assault reported

    - Jan 23, 2017
    On Sunday, the UI police received a report of a sexual assault that occurred between midnight and 3 a.m. that day at a West Side residence hall. According to an email, the assault was perpetrated by...
  • Iowa City sends off marchers

    - Jan 23, 2017
      The people of Iowa City showed their support at the sendoff spot for the Women’s March on Washington By Jason Estrada Men and women gathered to support the those from Iowa City leaving to...
  • The Daily Break (01/23/17)

    - Jan 23, 2017
    HOROSCOPES ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don’t let impulsiveness take over. Use common sense, and discuss problems with an open mind. Look at both sides of a situation, and you will find a workable solution. Putting the...

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