80 Hours

  • One thousand miles

    - Nov 2, 2015
    By Grace Pateras grace-pateras@uiowa.edu Between singing songs and playing the keyboard last night at the Mill, 120 E. Burlington, Vanessa Carlton talked about being a new mother, relationships with her family, wine, and more. Carlton is on...
  • Halloween cornucopia

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Cassandra Santiago cassandra-santiago@uiowa.edu The trees lining downtown Iowa City and campus are replacing their green leaves with bold reds, bright oranges, and fallen-to-the-ground browns. Sweaters are in, sandals are out. October is almost gone, and...
  • When words dance

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Tessa Solomon tessa-solomon@uiowa.edu The ballerina raises a slender leg, then bounds across the smooth floor. She transforms the lingering notes into movement. The scholar translates a sonnet. “Au revoir” becomes “adiós”; “adiós” becomes “goodbye.” Each...
  • Halloween-costume ugly gaffes

    - Oct 29, 2015
    Halloween: the time of endless candy corn, pumpkin-flavored coffee, cupcakes, cookies (actually anything edible), and culturally appropriated costumes. Cultural appropriation is the exploitation of a group’s cultural behaviors, traditions, and wear with little understanding of that...
  • Spearing the Great Pumpkin

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Jasmine Putney jasmine-putney@uiowa.edu With pumpkins, ancient hunting tools, and a life-size poster of a Wizard of Oz flying monkey, some survival skills of the past become entertaining in the present (not necessarily involving flying monkeys)....
  • Apple of your eye

    - Oct 29, 2015
    Fall is now in full swing, and that means shorter days and colder nights. It also means that it’s time to make that annual trip to the apple orchard.  Fight off the chill and follow up...
  • Something felt, not photographed

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Anis Shakirah Mohd Muslimin anisshakirah-mohdmuslimin@uiowa.edu Malaysian Nisah Haron, a member of the International Writing Program, talks about her early writing career. (Audio compiled by Anis Shakirah Mohd Muslimin & edited by Lily Abromeit) Nisah Haron...
  • Space-folk in the atmosphere

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Girindra Selleck girindra-selleck@uiowa.edu Fresh off the release of her new album, Lieberman, Vanessa Carlton will perform at the Englert Theater, 221 E. Washington St., at 7 p.m. on Nov. 1. Although you may know her for the ubiquitous...
  • Comedy, motivational seminars, real estate

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Claire Dietz claire-dietz@uiowa.edu Imagine real-estate agents taking a motivational seminar in a New York City comedy club. Now you have the basis of Red All Over, running tonight through Nov. 1 in Theater Building Theater...
  • Magic you can believe in

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Isaac Hamlet isaac-hamlet@uiowa.edu The word “magician” conjures the image of a man draped in a colored cape, sporting a sequined shirt or wearing leather pants. Nate Staniforth prefers to do his shows in jeans and...

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