80 Hours

  • Drink of the week: Irish margarita

    - Jan 21, 2016
    You’ve probably asked yourself, “Can I drink alcohol hot?” at least a few times since this chilly weather hit. If you, like me, aren’t a coffee drinker, there are not a lot of options to warm...
  • Doo Wonka Doo Wonka Doo Wonka Doo

    - Jan 21, 2016
    Child fantasies come to life as the Nolte Academy brings Willy Wonka: The Musical to the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts. By Devyn Young devyn-young@uiowa.edu From grandparents to small children, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate...
  • Review: Into the realm of cancer

    - Jan 21, 2016
    That Dragon, Cancer puts players in the world of a father struggling with his son’s fatal diagnosis. By Jordan Ryder jordan-ryder@uiowa.edu I stare down at the crying infant in his hospital bed, powerless to doing anything...
  • Bringin’ it all back home

    - Jan 21, 2016
    Monolithic’s old-school rock ’n’ roll will take the stage at Gabe’s. By Adam Buhck adam-buhck@uiowa.edu The golden age of rock ’n’ roll may be a distant memory obscured by time, changing circumstances, and copious amounts of...
  • Débuting with a splash

    - Jan 21, 2016
    Elizabeth Moen celebrates the release of her début album with a performance at the Mill. By Claire Dietz claire-dietz@uiowa.edu Elizabeth Moen doesn’t waste time. She spent September writing eight songs. She booked a recording space in...
  • A whorehouse of a different color

    - Jan 21, 2016
    The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas comes to Iowa, as Iowa City Community Theater stages the musical. By Alex Kramer alexandria-kramer@uiowa.edu An arresting view of a patriotic Texas landscape, just old-timey enough to be laced with...
  • Delving into what belongs

    - Jan 21, 2016
    Garth Greenwell, an Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduate, will read from his first novel tonight at Prairie Lights. By Girindra Selleck girindra-selleck@uiowa.edu Garth Greenwell took a long path to Iowa City. He studied opera as an undergraduate,...
  • When the inner world breaks open

    - Jan 20, 2016
    Author Bette Adriaanse will discuss her début novel at 7 p.m.  today at Prairie Lights. By Isaac Hamlet isaac-hamlet@uiowa.edu Rus has never had to leave his home, save to get coffee. Bette Adriaanse, Rus’ creator, traveled...
  • Writing & snapping back at trolls

    - Jan 19, 2016
    By Cassandra Santiago cassandra-santiago@uiowa.edu @sherbet_fries During her senior year at Howard University, Jamilah Lemieux started the blog the Beautiful Struggler. The goal was not national attention, avid online followers, or a stuffed bank account. She wanted...
  • Finding the geography of belonging

    - Dec 17, 2015
    Hoda Kotb, a cohost of the fourth hour of the ‘Today Show,’ will have a book bursting with inspiration published next month. By Claire Dietz claire-dietz@uiowa.edu Hoda Kotb’s Where We Belong tells the story of six...

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