80 Hours

  • Art on the move, no, really on the move

    - Nov 5, 2015
    By Tessa Solomon tessa-solomon@uiowa.edu Warning: This is not your grandma’s art show. Unless granny is into chain-saw carving, raunchy caricatures, and pyrotechnics. As part of the Witching Hour festival to celebrate atypical art, the members of...
  • Drink of the Week

    - Nov 5, 2015
    The Bronx The Bronx is like a steppingstone to drinking a classic, dry martini. The Bronx is one of those drinks that make you feel classy without really trying too hard, especially if you just want...
  • Tell us a story

    - Nov 5, 2015
    By Justus Flair justus-flair@uiowa.edu Nicholas Meyer discusses the idea for his novel The Seven-Per-Cent Solution. (Audio by Justus Flair) Nicholas Meyer is not really a Star Trek person. To each his own, but it is a...
  • If the truth be told

    - Nov 5, 2015
    By Girindra Selleck girindra-selleck@uiowa.edu Truth, Sony Pictures Classics’ relentless newsroom thriller that follows the scandal that led to the resignation of legendary CBS newsman Dan Rather (Robert Redford, spot-on) and the termination of his producer Mary...
  • To bewitch or not to bewitch

    - Nov 5, 2015
    By Isaac Hamlet isaac-hamlet@uiowa.edu You’ve probably seen Brian Posehn before. He’s 6-7, bald, sports a full ginger-tinted beard, and dons glasses with thick, black rims. It’s hard to miss him, but until you see his face,...
  • Halo bounces back, sort of

    - Nov 5, 2015
    By Jordan Ryder  jordan-ryder@uiowa.edu  Halo 5: Guardians is what Halo 4 should have been in every way, updating Halo for a new generation of games. Mechanics were rebuilt from the ground up, and another epic has...
  • One thousand miles

    - Nov 2, 2015
    By Grace Pateras grace-pateras@uiowa.edu Between singing songs and playing the keyboard last night at the Mill, 120 E. Burlington, Vanessa Carlton talked about being a new mother, relationships with her family, wine, and more. Carlton is on...
  • Halloween cornucopia

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Cassandra Santiago cassandra-santiago@uiowa.edu The trees lining downtown Iowa City and campus are replacing their green leaves with bold reds, bright oranges, and fallen-to-the-ground browns. Sweaters are in, sandals are out. October is almost gone, and...
  • When words dance

    - Oct 29, 2015
    By Tessa Solomon tessa-solomon@uiowa.edu The ballerina raises a slender leg, then bounds across the smooth floor. She transforms the lingering notes into movement. The scholar translates a sonnet. “Au revoir” becomes “adiós”; “adiós” becomes “goodbye.” Each...
  • Halloween-costume ugly gaffes

    - Oct 29, 2015
    Halloween: the time of endless candy corn, pumpkin-flavored coffee, cupcakes, cookies (actually anything edible), and culturally appropriated costumes. Cultural appropriation is the exploitation of a group’s cultural behaviors, traditions, and wear with little understanding of that...

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