80 Hours

  • Cultural ‬showcase flashes talent

    - Nov 12, 2015
    By Cassandra Santiago cassandra-santiago@uiowa.edu The Celebrating Cultural Diversity Festival is out. The Cultural Showcase is in. The Campus Activities Board will host its third-annual cultural shindig at 9 p.m. in the IMU Second-Floor Ballroom. Despite many...
  • To dream the possible dream

    - Nov 12, 2015
    By Jasmine Putney jasmine-putney@gmail.com Below lies a world with perfectly sculpted faces and false legs that dance. A blissful dream in which almost anything is possible. But this world is punctured by a strategic system of...
  • On honesty about men

    - Nov 12, 2015
    By Claire Dietz claire-dietz@uiowa.edu Mary-Louise Parker presents a brutally honest tale of the men in her life that have influenced her, for better and for worse, in Dear Mr. You. Parker, best known for her role...
  • Drink of the Week: Sweet Lemon

    - Nov 12, 2015
    Sweet Lemon If you miss the summer with the weather getting colder and want a taste of a Southern Summer try a Sweet Lemon. It’s one of those drinks that makes you want to sit on...
  • Searching for the real world in history

    - Nov 12, 2015
    By Tessa Solomon tessa-solomon@uiowa.edu     Science, scandals, and history will unfold and overlap in the confines of one room, the set of Arcadia. The play will open 8 p.m. Friday in the Theater Building’s Mabie...
  • ‘Beesting’ intelligence

    - Nov 11, 2015
    By Girindra Selleck girindra-selleck@uiowa.edu On Tuesday night, one of the world’s most creative minds graced the University of I owa campus. If you haven’t heard of Theo Jansen yet, it is about time that you do. Jansen...
  • Don’t vegetate, live & grow

    - Nov 11, 2015
    By Grace Pateras grace-pateras@uiowa.edu Tonight, California rapper Casey Veggies will visit Iowa City to promote his new album, Live & Grow. While he’s on tour around the country, his hit single “Tied Up” can be heard...
  • Falling awake, loudly

    - Nov 11, 2015
    By Adam Buhck adam-buhck@uiowa.edu Five bands will pack into Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St., at 6 p.m. Friday for a jam-packed event sure to leave more than a few ears ringing. Dover, Delaware, rockers Awake At Last...
  • Assassinating us with his song

    - Nov 11, 2015
    By Girindra Selleck girindra-selleck@uiowa.edu Each year, for two weeks in May, the media become flooded with stories of crowds rising to their feet in anger, disgust, rapture, applause, or laughter. No, these aren’t protesters — although...
  • Going musically beyond Pollyanna

    - Nov 11, 2015
    By Isaac Hamlet isaac-hamlet@uiowa.edu  Remaining stagnant is easy, wrapping oneself in the safety of a comfort zone. Yet to break the mold of routine allows progress. That holds true in music. At 8 p.m. Nov. 15, at...

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