• Beyond Masculin/Féminin

    - Oct 22, 2015
    By Devyn Young Viewer understands the performance shall not be viewed as a male or with a masculine perspective. Viewer shall view the performance solely as a woman. Sign Here: _________________________ Before attending Feminaal in the
  • Pipe of a different color

    - Oct 22, 2015
    By Isaac Hamlet King Arthur, a noble king of legend known for his purity and losing Guinevere to the knight Lancelot, has been the subject of centuries of epic tales, poems, and film. But this
  • Punk theater against idiocy

    - Oct 15, 2015
    By Tessa Solomon Forget yellow brick roads and star-crossed lovers. There’s only a gritty city, ass-kicking attitude, and a throat-tearing score in this theater. American Idiot, a theatrical adaption of the Green Day Grammy-winning album,
  • Diveristy Fest bids adieu

    - Oct 1, 2015
    By Cassandra Santiago  For the last 25 years, Iowa City has received a tour around the world without having to travel very far. Food, music, crafts, and educational stations brought to life traditions of the

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