• FilmScene Screens Oscar Shorts

    - Feb 9, 2017
    2017 Oscar-Nominated Shorts: DI’s Chosen Three By Lily Goodman   There’s something to be said about a film that has a runtime of forty minutes or less and utilizes that time well, creating a well-developed...
  • Trucking into America, no sugar

    - Jan 25, 2017
    By Levi Wright “Drive-by Truckers” fan-love for singing about real social issues without sugarcoating the truth. The controversial topics the group covers range from Donald Trump becoming president to the Trayvon Martin shooting.  The group...
  • Daily Iowan Q&A with Grammy Award-winning artist Esperanza Spalding

    - Oct 25, 2016
    By Tessa Solomon   When Esperanza Spalding’s self-titled 2008 debut was released to the public, they embraced it with delight. Her jazz — a dizzying, tri-lingual (Spanish, Portuguese, and English) fusion of Brazilian samba, soul,...
  • Zombies take over town for charity (charity?)

    - Sep 23, 2016
    By Naomi Hofferber Each fall in Iowa City, the undead come alive for one weekend to swarm the streets in a massive, demented horde — for a good cause, of course. The Iowa City Zombie...
  • Is this heaven? No, it’s beer

    - Sep 22, 2016
    North Side Oktoberfest/Iowa City Brewfest will be held at Iowa City’s historic North Side Marketplace on Saturday; The Daily Iowan explores the city’s long history with beer and brewing. By Claire Dietz The roots of...
  • Into and out of the invisible world

    - Sep 8, 2016
    By Tessa Solomon This week, Iowa City’s Center for Afrofuturist Studies — an ever-expanding project in its inaugural year — will welcome its September artist-in-residence, Chicago-based poet and visual artist Krista Franklin. Her interdisciplinary work...
  • Dead, dead horses couldn’t drive us away in gospel style

    - Sep 8, 2016
    By Quentin Yarolem The music of the band Dead Horses — whose members hail from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, of Oshkosh, B’Gosh fame — displays a healthy combination of gospel and folk influences. The band’s lead singer,...
  • Black and Blue

    - Sep 7, 2016
    Sean Lewis’ new play, Black and Blue, explores the subject of police brutality and opens Friday at Riverside Theatre. By Isaac Hamlet Rage is a bubbling, righteous feeling. Like a hot coal burning in your...
  • Strolling through fear

    - Aug 29, 2016
    By Alex Kramer An introverted mind can lead to great things, its cogs eternally cranking out something new, ghastly, or even brave. This is certainly the case for Hannah Pittard, the acclaimed novelist who will...
  • Upright and still improving

    - Aug 25, 2016
    The Upright Citizens Brigade will haul its famed long-form improv style to Iowa City on Friday. By Claire Dietz @claireldietz Upright Citizens Brigade, a long-form improv troupe whose alumni include Amy Poelher, Kate McKinnon, Jack...

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