• The Daily Iowan’s Iowa-Iowa State predictions

    by - Sep 12, 2015
      Football writers Danny Payne and Ryan Rodriguez offer their predictions for Saturday’s Iowa-Iowa State game. … Payne: I think Iowa comes out super, crazy inspired in this game. Give me a few early touchdowns, but...
  • The Daily Iowan’s Saturday Exams: Iowa-Iowa State

    by - Sep 12, 2015
      Football reporters Danny Payne and Ryan Rodriguez list four things Iowa must do in order to beat Iowa State. … Play 48 minutes With the emotional week Iowa has had, I don’t see any way...
  • Hawkeye basketball legend Roy Marble dies at 48

    by - Sep 11, 2015
      Former Iowa basketball player Roy Marble has passed away by Ian Murphy ian-murphy@uiowa.edu Hawkeye basketball great Roy Marble, father of Devyn Marble, has died after a fight with cancer. He was 48. Marble was diagnosed...
  • Starting to feel the ‘Bern’

    by - Sep 11, 2015
    Sen. Bernie Sanders is catching up to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Iowa polling. By Rebecca Morin  |  rebecca-morin@uiowa.edu Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  has been sitting in the front-runner’s seat since before...
  • The must-win, Stated simply

    by - Sep 11, 2015
    Iowa will play arguably the biggest game of its season Saturday in Ames. By Danny Payne daniel-payne-1@uiowa.edu Tall tales surround every sports team, not just the Patriots, and imbue every game a team plays. You know...
  • Sorority video raises hackles

    by - Sep 11, 2015
    A University of Iowa sorority lands in hot water after recruitment video goes viral. By Bill Cooney william-cooney@uiowa.edu The University of Iowa chapter of the Alpha Phi sorority, which was founded in 1878, is feeling the...
  • UI switches vets’ tuition

    by - Sep 11, 2015
    By Anders Frieberg anders-frieberg@uiowa.edu Out of state tuition isn’t mandatory for all nonresidents. The University of Iowa recently changed its policy to allow veterans, currently enlisted military members, and their dependents to receive in-state tuition no...
  • Rooftop bars coming to downtown

    by - Sep 11, 2015
    By Lily Abromeit Rooftop bars could be coming soon to Iowa City. The Iowa City City Council and downtown district are in the final stages of discussing an ordinance that would allow rooftop bars in the...
  • County passes wage hike

    by - Sep 11, 2015
    The Board of Supervisors approve raising the minimum wage. By Cindy Garcia cindy-garcia@uiowa.edu “Raise the wage,” said a sign held by a resident on Thursday demanded in a packed Johnson County Board of Supervisors’ meeting. Shortly...
  • Vineyards sprout up in Iowa

    by - Sep 11, 2015
    In the past 10 years, the Iowa wine industry has flourished with a continued upward trend in production along with a boom in the number of wineries across the state. By Alex Kramer alexandria-kramer@uiowa.edu In the...

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