• Iowa football media day (08/05/17)

    by - Aug 5, 2017
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  • Harreld, Iowa university presidents detail funding challenges, priorities

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    UI President Bruce Harreld remains steady in his push for higher tuition rates and continued state support to fund strategic initiatives. By Marissa Payne marissa-payne@uiowa.edu Without consistent state support, the University of Iowa may begin to...
  • No vaccine, no school in Iowa

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    Incoming Iowa seventh-graders this school year are required to receive the meningococcal vaccine. By Madeline Deninger daily-iowan@uiowa.edu As mandated by state law in the 2016 legislative session, incoming seventh-grade students are required to receive the meningococcal...
  • Regents approve $9.95 million construction plans for Finkbine clubhouse

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    The state Board of Regents approved a nearly $10 million proposal to replace the existing Finkbine clubhouse with a new facility, set to open in 2019. Plans for a nearby hotel will be considered later in...
  • City peddles past bike concerns

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    The City Council addresses concerns about the expected $14.6 million price tag for the city’s new bicycle master plan on Tuesday. By Molly Hunter molly-hunter@uiowa.edu The bicycle master plan, which is expected to cost somewhere around...
  • Challenging actors equally as a creed

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    UI Assistant Professor Meredith Saletta combines her passion for theater through Combined Efforts, a visual- and performing-arts company that brings together artists with and without disabilities. It will put on a performance Friday through Aug. 6...
  • Hoops Hawkeyes psyched for European trip

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    The Hawkeyes men’s basketball team is ready to head out on its European summer tour. By Jordan Zuniga jordan-zuniga@uiowa.edu On Aug. 6, the Iowa men’s basketball team will head to Frankfurt, Germany, to begin its 12-day,...
  • New nearly everything at New-braska

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    With a new QB and a new defense, the Huskers seek some new horizons. By Pete Ruden pete-reden@uiowa.edu Tanner Lee knew what he had in Lincoln before he set foot on the Nebraska campus for the...
  • Winners, losers in trade wars

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    Now that the trade deadline has passed, a Daily Iowan staffer takes a look at the biggest winners and losers to come out of the trade deadline. By Jordan Zuniga Jordan-Zuniga@uiowa.edu It’s August, which means baseball’s...
  • Wildcats scale the heights

    by - Aug 3, 2017
    Northwestern begins to show it can do more on the gridiron than beat Iowa. By Adam Hensley adam-hensley@uiowa.edu Northwestern uses a wildcat for its mascot, but head coach Pat Fitzgerald compares the program to a creature...

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