Iowa tight end Noah Fant celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown during the Iowa/Ohio State football game in Kinnick Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2017. The Hawkeyes defeated the Buckeyes in a storming fashion, 55-24. (Joseph Cress/The Daily Iowan)

Point/Counterpoint: Which alternative football uniforms were the best?


It’s no secret that the Iowa football alternative uniforms are a big deal from year to year, but in retrospect, which has been the best?

Blackout vs. Ohio State, 2017

Maybe it was that Iowa pulled off a huge upset, maybe it was seeing that picture of Josh Jackson leaping with one hand outstretched to pick off an Ohio State pass, or maybe it’s because those jerseys just look good.

Whatever it is, those 2017 alternative uniforms are the best Iowa has ever worn.

The head-to-toe black was a no-brainer decision following the boom in popularity after the 2015 game against Minnesota.

The numbers and helmets, however, someone had a little fun with.

The gray numbers surrounded by a thick gold border gave the uniforms that gold aspect without taking away from the sleek style of the black.

However, in my mind, the best part about those jerseys is the cohesiveness.

In 2015, the gold in the helmets didn’t match the gold on the jerseys, and me ​— being the nitpicky person that I am — hated it. It bothered me during the entire game (although that maybe somewhat lessened when they won).

The 2017 Ohio State game uniforms added a helmet to match the entire uniform, and that was sweet.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the all-black uniforms against Minnesota were awesome, not to mention intimidating even just watching on TV.

But the ones against Ohio State — I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t have to do with the uniforms at all.

— Anna Kayser

Blackout vs. Minnesota, 2015

If you ask me what uniforms the Iowa football team should consider wearing more often than not, it’d be the all-black uniforms the Hawkeyes wore against Minnesota in 2015.

The all-black jerseys give off a hard-nosed look that seems to give the team and fans the confidence and ability to go out and dominate, as seen in both 2015 and 2017.

Looking at uniforms in the NFL, several teams have black uniforms, and they are used frequently. These uniforms help teams stand out because they’re different.

In my opinion, the best time for the Hawkeyes to wear these alternative jerseys are during home games deeper into the season because they also resembles the atmosphere. Having a dominant look and attitude brings people out to Kinnick when the weather makes them want to stay in.

White uniforms don’t really express much emotion like black ones, which is probably why teams wear them on the road. The emotion is heightened during a night game with the black uniforms.

Potential new ideas for Hawkeye uniforms are to keep the blackout uniforms but also wear gray pants because they’ll look good with black jerseys, and it’ll draw attention to the team. That can also benefit the football program overall with jersey sales.

So, hopefully this season, we get to see a new collection of uniforms that fans will love while seeing the Hawkeyes come away victorious.

— Pat Lynch

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