Karen Meat performs at Gabe's during the Witching Hour Festival on Oct. 20, 2017. The band will join Quichenight on stage on June 17 at Gabe's. (Nick Rohlman/The Daily Iowan)

Nashville’s Quichenight to egg on locals


Quichenight will perform at Gabe’s this weekend with Karen Meat, Dana T, and BStar this weekend.

By Sabrina Shearer


Nashville band Quichenight will venture north to perform with local musicians Karen Meat, Dana T, and BStar on June 17 at Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St.

A veteran of the music industry, Quichenight was created by solo artist Brett Rosenberg to produce modern indie pop with a twist of ’60s and ’70s beats.

At the age of 5, Rosenberg started his musical career by playing such instruments as the organ and guitar. After messing around with the microphone and listening to genres including oldies, metal, and indie rock, Rosenberg started Quichenight with the notion of providing a zealous outlook for what music could be.

Rosenberg’s vision for his music comes directly from the band name — Quichenight.

“You can make really nice music in a DIY idiom as an untrained musician without having musical-family background,” Rosenberg said. “It’s a fancy food that doesn’t take time or money.”

Quichenight’s music recreates vibrant music with a colorful twist.

“Our music is quirky, and we make it funny about something serious,” Rosenberg said.

Besides vocals, Rosenberg plays keyboards, guitar, drums, and bass. He mostly plays his music at bars and clubs across the country, backed by a live band that consists of friends and people he met through his career. Rosenberg writes and records his own music, and he just released his seventh album, Cooler Heads, on June 1.

Quichenight’s uplifting beat can captivate an audience’s attention.

“I think we have a danceable rhythm with parts that reach the sweetness of music complexity,” Rosenberg said. He described his music as a cross between the Beach Boys and the Grateful Dead.

One of the band’s goals is to spread new ideology of what the music industry could be through the musicians’ zealous aesthetic.

Artists such as Karen Meat share a similar unique sound that cohesively blends with Quichenight’s.

Known on stage as Karen Meat, Des Moines artist Arin Eaton has an electro-pop sound with inspiration from current pop music and classic ’70s and ’80s beats intertwined. Eaton plays with partner Dana Telsrow on their self-titled tour in local bars and clubs. Eaton describes her performances as “like you’re going to a circus.”

Rosenberg and Eaton met through friends and eventually played a show together in Nashville.

Local band B Star, consisting of Sean McGivern and Setu Vora, will perform its latest post-rock, self-titled LP.

The doors will open 7 p.m., and the show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $5.

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