Democratic candidate for Iowa's 37th District Janice Weiner speaks with The Daily Iowan in the Adler Journalism Building on Sunday, June 3. Weiner served as a U.S. diplomat for over 25 years, and was born and raised in Coralville. (Gage Miskimen/The Daily Iowan)

Editorial: DI endorses Janice Weiner for Iowa’s 37th District


Janice Weiner’s ‘big picture’ perspective and selfless attitude
make her the best candidate to represent Iowa’s 37th
District in the state Senate. The Daily Iowan supports her in
the June 5 primary election.

Four Democratic candidates will vie for the Iowa’s 37th
District seat in the state Senate during the primary. The Daily
reached out to all four candidates — Eric Dirth, Imad
Youssif, Zach Wahls, and Weiner — and was able to sit down with Wahls
and Weiner.

The two candidates who were interviewed agree on a quite a few issues.
They both feel that health care and the lack of funding for public
education are large issues facing both the 37th District
and Iowa as a whole. Both candidates have similar goals and for the
district and Iowa. Because of this, it is important to consider who
would be able to actually achieve these goals and policy issues.

One candidate stands out. Weiner has the passion, skills, and know-how
that make her the best candidate.

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ahead of primary election

Whichever Democrat takes the 37th District will most likely
face an uphill battle in Des Moines. As of now, Republicans hold a
majority both in the House and Senate. Many predict that the House
will flip control to the Democrats after the midterm election, but the
chance of this happening in the Senate is far less likely.

This means whichever candidate is elected to represent the
37th District must know when to negotiate and when to stand
her or his ground as a member of the minority party. Weiner’s
background as a U.S. diplomat give her the skills that is optimal for

“I know how to hold the line and when to hold the line,” she told the
DI. “In diplomacy, you don’t give up things for the country,
but you build relationships so you can learn things and work with

Weiner has a 26-year history of analyzing people in order to
understand not only what they care about but why. This experience sets
her apart from other candidates; Weiner has the ability to see past
polarizing partisan politics to create legislation and policies that
benefit the people of Iowa. This means Weiner’s initiatives and goals
are far more likely to be achieved.

Higher education

In response to continual budget cuts to higher education, Weiner
realizes that the state must have more money in order to spend it.
This is why she proposes that Iowa close large tax credits that are no
longer being used in the way they were intended. In doing so, Iowa
will collect more revenue, which will allow the state to increase its
higher-education spending instead of decreasing it.

“We don’t need to lure big, out-of-state corporations here,” Weiner
said. “We need to spend on education and local economic development.”

Women’s representation

As with most people, Weiner believes that in order for women to be
represented well, there must be enough women in office representing

“In my career, when you get enough women in the room, it changes the
environment, and everyone gets things done,” she said. “I don’t need
credit when things get done. It just needs to get done.”

It is not often that people are able to put their egos aside in an
effort to make things better for all. Weiner wants to do this.

She plans to use the 37th District’s innovations to better
the rest of the state. She believes this is crucial in order to
improve Iowa as a whole.

“We need to work together,” she said. “We will do much better if we
are humble and say, ‘Let’s all learn from this. Come and work with us,
and we will figure out what works and what doesn’t work.’ ”

Weiner put it best when she said, “I’m the best candidate because I am
able to see the big picture.”

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