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116th-Annual Aesculapian Frolics comes to Englert Theater


Hosted by the Carver College of Medicine Student Government, the 116th-Annual Aesculapian Frolics will head to the Englert on Saturday.

By Matthew Kinney

The 116th-Annual Aesculapian Frolics will head to the Englert, 221 E. Washington St., at 7 p.m. Saturday. The event is hosted by the Carver College of Medicine Student Government and consists of comedy skits and musical events put on by students.

The event is a celebration of the medical school’s faculty and students alike, and it is dedicated to the recognition of outstanding teaching by faculty and medical residents. Each medical-school class performs a comedic skit followed by the presentation of teaching awards. Each medical class, M1 through M4, competes to be winner of either best skit or best band.

Awards at the event will be given out for outstanding teacher, tutor, faculty, resident, staff, student organization, and organization leader. The event culminates with awards for best band and best skit. The bands and skits are judged by the medical school’s Office of Student Affairs and Curriculum. Skits in the past have ranged from parodies of the presidential election to spoofs of popular songs.

At last year’s event, Hope Richards, residency class of 2020, was awarded the M3 Resident Teacher of the Year Award. Colleen Stockdale and Abbey Hardy-Fairbanks were finalists for the M3 Teacher of the Year Award.

With busy schedules, a hectic end of the year for students, and many medical rotations being outside of Iowa City, the event is tricky to plan. In the end, the event is a way to bring everyone in the college together for one night to celebrate the hard work and dedication they’ve displayed over the year.

Along with the Annual Frolics, the medical school’s Student Government has had a busy year, hosting a technology fair, putting on Crista Gala, and raising money for the university’s Dance Marathon. All students at the UI are welcome to attend meetings and various events put on by the organization.

UI junior neurobiology major Hunter Twedt, who has attended the last two Aesculapian Frolics, sees them as a great creative outlet for students.

“The last two Frolics I’ve been to have been a blast, and it was inspiring to see all of these medical students having such a great time,” Twedt said. “The music was great, but for me, the skits were the best part. You really do get to see another creative side that isn’t always there in the medical field.”

As a member of Medicus on campus, Twedt thinks that the annual Frolics is a great way for medical students to celebrate the end of the year.

“Seeing these skits and songs performed in full lab coats and scrubs is hilarious to see, and I think the whole event is a great victory lap for all the hard work these students put in during the year,”

Twedt said. “It’s definitely a unique experience that everyone should attend, regardless of interest in the medical field.”

The event will start at 7 p.m., and tickets are available for $10. Tickets for the event can be purchased online or by phone at the Englert.


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