An attendee looks at a sign during Action Stations for UI Trans Week of Action at the Wesley Center on April 23, 2018. Members of the UI Trans Alliance talked with the public about various issues that affect the trans community. (Katina Zentz/The Daily Iowan)

UI Trans Alliance aims to create inclusiveness on campus, by organizing events for Trans Week of Actions


In the Trans Week of Action, the UI Trans Alliance will hold events open to the public and free in an attempt to create a more inclusive atmosphere on campus.

By Aadit Tambe

The University of Iowa Trans Alliance kicked off its third-annual Trans Week of Action, a week of events aimed at creating a more inclusive community supporting transgender individuals on campus.

Trans Alliance is organizing four events from Monday through Thursday to create awareness about the transgender community and make sure allies are better informed.

“It is a week about actions being taken and being supportive from outside the community informing people about trans issues,” said Sean Finn, a former president of the Trans Alliance.

The week is important to build community and for trans people to connect and with allies and feel supported, he said.

“It is a really good way for allies of the transgender community to learn more and support individuals and the community at large,” said Andrew Crowley, the president of the Trans Alliance.

He stressed the importance of creating events that are inclusive for all on campus, and Trans Week of Action is no exception.

“This week is important because it creates awareness and education, [and] encourages people who don’t have a lot of knowledge to learn about different things and take action and educate others in easy ways,” said Dawn Bates, an adviser for Trans Alliance and an embedded staff therapist at Residence Education.

The week’s events kicked off on Monday with Action Stations, an event at the Wesley Center designed to educate allies and make them aware about the community by holding discussions about pronouns and nonbinary identities.

Today’s event, Game Night Social, will take place at the LGBTQ Resource Center and provide a laid-back atmosphere that strives for community building, Crowley said.

Trans Alliance will co-host an event along with One Iowa Action to support LGBTQ Iowans and allies to speak publicly and start meaningful dialogues about the LGBTQ community. It will take place on Wednesday in the IMU.

The Trans Week of Action will end on Thursday with Student Educational, an information session about transgender and nonbinary identities and ways to become a better ally.

“There are a lot more students who identify as transgender, gender-fluid, and agender on campus who may experience discrimination or experiences consequences like being misgendered,” Bates said.

It is important to raise awareness and make people feel they are a part of the campus community, Crowley said. Events like these help in creating a fostering a feeling of inclusion and acceptance.

The events are aimed at creating awareness and a more inclusive climate, Finn said. Individuals of all genders are welcome.

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