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Authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of an Iowa City man for trafficking stolen weapons.


Noel Jose, 22, 639 S. Lucas St., is suspected of first-offense trafficking in stolen weapons occuring on Sept. 14.

According to the affidavit, an apartment in the same apartment complex as Jose’s was burglarized on Sept. 14, and two handguns were stolen. The victim suspected Jose, the affidavit said, as Jose had shown up at the victim’s apartment twice that day without warning.

On the first trip to the victim’s apartment, the affidavit said, Jose picked up one of the handguns and asked the victim were guns were kept in the apartment.

The victim later left his apartment for three hours and came back to find two guns missing, the affidavit said. When the victim accused Jose, the affidavit said, Jose replied to the victim by text message that he only sells drugs, not weapons with little monetary value.

Jose was arrested to possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver on Sept. 17, the affidavit said. Jose’s phone and laptop were then searched, the affidavit said, and both items had multiple messages about stolen weapons and selling guns.

First-offense trafficking in stolen weapons is a Class-D felony.

-Kayli Reese

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