Dr. Andy McGuire poses for a portrait at the Java House on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017. Dr. McGuire is campaigning in Iowa's upcoming gubernatorial elections. (James Year/The Daily Iowan)

Guest opinion: Andy McGuire for governor


A UI political-science student supports Andy McGuire’s gubernatorial campaign.

Andy McGuire is an Iowa native. She is a scientist and physician. She is a mother of seven. She is the former head of the Iowa Democratic Party, and she is running for governor.

I am a political-science student at the University of Iowa, and I stand with McGuire for governor because I know she has what it takes to spur great progress in our state. As a doctor, health care that is affordable for all Iowans is extremely important to her.

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As governor, McGuire will focus on reducing health-care costs, fixing our state’s Medicaid system, making mental health a priority, and protecting women’s health rights.

McGuire supports early identification of health issues through preventive care to lower the amount of medical services that patients need, thereby leading to lower health-care costs. She also understands the importance of Iowa’s Medicaid program but does not neglect to recognize the work needed to repair it where it is broken.

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McGuire released a seven-point plan in December to address mental health in Iowa, which now ranks last in the country for the number of psychiatric beds per capita. She emphasizes the importance of treating mental health, substance abuse, and addiction as diseases, and as governor, she will make funding for mental-health treatment a priority. In addition, McGuire denounces the anti-choice legislation that has been signed into Iowa law by the Branstad-Reynolds administration and promises to restore funding for Planned Parenthood on her first day in office.

There is no better time for progress than the present. McGuire represents that progress — not just for Iowa but for the future of our country. With a leader such as McGuire as governor, we can look forward to the change that is needed to make for happier, healthier, and safer citizens.

— Elizabeth Zupancic

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