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In Their Own Words: What are your thoughts on a lawsuit between the UI and a Christian student group?


A Christian student organization is suing the University of Iowa after the school revoked its organization status for reportedly discriminating against a gay student — a claim the organization denies. Marcus Miller, the student, said Business Leaders in Christ officials offered him a leadership position and later rescinded the offer when they discovered he was gay.

Ryan Stone

UI freshman

“I believe the university chose the right thing to do.”

Cam Newton

UI sophomore

“If it’s true, I think it should absolutely be investigated, but the UI is doing the right thing by looking into the matter. The university has a right to withhold [recognititon] from an organization for being discriminatory if the claims turn out to be true.”

Jose Molina

UI sophomore

“If that group is going to be exclusive, it shouldn’t expect the university to back it up.”

Estefany Guido

UI senior

“I think as a big institution, it’s good it acted like this. Of course, the UI doesn’t want to be associated with organizations that can be seen as discriminatory.”

Kelsey Calomino

UI sophomore

“I kind of agree with both sides. It’s the group’s beliefs, and it’s its right to think that, but the UI shouldn’t be obligated to agree with something that’s against its policy.”

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