In Their Own Words: Renting apartments in Iowa City


University of Iowa students who live off-campus tend to start looking for housing late in the fall.  The Iowa City City Council passed several amendments to the Housing Code on Tuesday, which Councilor Susan Mims says will help stabilization.  We asked UI students, “What has your experience been with finding housing in Iowa City?”

Honestly, it was pretty easy for me because my current roommate found a place. Finding nice affordable housing on the east side was difficult, but we found a place on the west side that met with those standards that we enjoy. But it is a bit farther off campus.

– Alantra Wright, UI Junior

I live in the dorms, so it was pretty simple, and I’m moving into a sorority next year.

– Sophie Cvengrose

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I think as far as housing goes, my roommate was a transfer student and had a really hard time. I think it’s a lot harder for transfer students. It was easier for me because I knew the area.

– Poojan Patel, UI Senior

I think it’s been great. A lot of new apartments are opening up. There’s a website that I used called that’s been really helpful.

– Saagar Patel, UI Senior

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I went from the dorms to the sorority house. For us, it’s been super easy finding an apartment because we had some friends who were moving out, so we just took over their lease.

– Maddy Thompson, UI Junior

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