Iowa defensive lineman Nathan Bazata poses for a portrait during Iowa Football Media Day on Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017. (Nick Rohlman/The Daily Iowan)

They said it: Iowa football commentary


By Courtney Baumann

Josh Jackson, defensive back

On being named a Thorpe Award finalist:

“It”s cool to be added to the list. It was a goal that I had at the beginning of the season. It’s kind of almost true, and it’s close to being true, so it’s cool. I just want to make sure I don’t get distracted by it going to Nebraska, and finish out the season, and then focus on it.”

On having the Thorpe Award as a goal to begin the season:

“Nothing is impossible. I feel like you have to set high standards to get high goals. I just try to set my goals high and try to obtain them.”

Nate Bazata, offensive lineman

On his family and friends being Nebraska fans:

“They always say that they’ll root for me but not for the team. I just tell them then, ‘Just don’t root for me then.’ I don’t really care.”

On Drew Ott’s hair:

“He was all about his hair. Sometimes when he’d comb it, just a chunk here and there would fall out. He didn’t comb it very often.”

Josey Jewell, linebacker

On the team’s view of the upcoming game:

“It’s one of the last opportunities we’ll have as a team, the last regular-season game. I think people are going to try to stay focused. I know people are focused about that one — to be able end on a high note with the regular season is big for all of us. It will also help, I’m hoping, with a bowl game, too. I think there is a lot of motivation to win this game.”

On what he said to the team after the Purdue game:

“I was just telling them what the possibilities are, what can happen if we don’t stay focused for this last game, and where they want to go for a bowl game. How we want to finish the season, how we want to be looked at.”

Kirk Ferentz, head coach

On what he does after a loss:

“After the game? You probably don’t want to know. It’s not very dramatic. What I’m doing is not very — it’s pretty nondescript. What I’m thinking you don’t want to know. We all have dark moments. It’s usually always the worst after anything doesn’t go well.

“And so, your mind goes all over the place. You think about a lot of different things, and you just try to sift through things and work on them a little bit, and most important thing is when you come in on Sunday, you’ve got to have your thoughts somewhat in order, and that’s part of the process during the course of the day, too.

“But to think that you just shake it off and, hey, tomorrow is a new day, it’s not quite that easy. There’s a process you work through.”

On the score of the Ohio State game:

“I think realistically I doubt anybody saw that, envisioned that kind of score. Now, we envisioned winning. The plan there is get it in the fourth quarter and find a way to win when you’re that far down the underdog column.”

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