Editor’s note: This card, with comments promoting white supremacy, was found on Nov. 9 in the Main Library. A website listed at the bottom has been blurred from the photo to avoid promoting the beliefs.

Neo-Nazi card found in library


On Wednesday afternoon, a card promoting white supremacy was found in the Main Library — it was shared numerous times on social media on Thursday.

The card was found by a Daily Iowan staffer and library employee. One side of the card states “the land of our fathers belongs to our children — one language, one culture, one people, one nation.” The staffer would like to remain anonymous in order to avoid repercussions for finding the card.

The website link listed on the card, which has been blurred to avoid promotion for the cause, leads to a number of articles with white purity ideals. One article is a how-to guide on how to “recruit students from all backgrounds to your wholesome, pro-white ideology.”

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This comes less than a year after a similar card, which bore the phrase “alt-right,” was found in the library in April. Although the first card was found in the Third Reich section, the DI staffer stated this was found “on the third floor stacks, where [the library] keeps theses and journal/magazine archives.” In August, there were also two instances of racist graffiti appearing in residence halls on campus.

Also on Thursday, a sticker bearing the phrase “it’s OK to be white” appeared outside the library — over the word “white,” “black AF” was written in brown pen.

  Charles Peckman


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